WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Avoiding the Muddle: Navigating Vendor Relationships Successfully

Moderator: , Director, Distance Learning, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Speaker: , Instructional Support Manager
Speaker: , Business Manager / Budget Analyst


Acquiring, implementing, and managing instructional technology and student support services for your institution can be a challenging venture with many potential barriers. Many times, administrators underestimate the time to evaluate, negotiate, implement, assess, and continue relationships with vendors. Vendor relationships are complex and require an investment of human resources to experience full benefits of the purchased tools and/or services. Poor management will leave you in a muddle - experiencing fear, uncertainty, and doubt that you made a sound investment. Attend this session to learn from our experiences forging and navigating successful partnerships with a range of vendors including services such as proctoring, online program management companies, and after hours / weekend technical support.

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