WCET's 28th Annual Meeting

Chief Education Evangelist
Google, Inc
Jaime Casap is the Education Evangelist at Google. Casap evangelizes the power and potential of technology and the web as enabling and supporting tools in pursuit of promoting inquiry-driven project-based learning models. Working with the Google for Education Team, he collaborates with school systems, educational organizations, and leaders focused on building innovation and iteration into our education policies and practices. He speaks on education, technology, innovation, and generation z, at events around the world. In addition to his role at Google, Casap serves on a number of boards, including Inquiry Schools Dot Org, Seed Spot NEXT, and Mi Familia Vota. He is part of the Phoenix Union School District Team, who created the Phoenix Coding Academy, an inquiry-based high school designed with computer science as the core language students use in pursuit of the problems they want to solve. He is also an adjunct professor at Arizona State University, where he teaches classes on policy, innovation, and leadership. You can read Jaime’s blog at www.jcasap.com and can follow and reach him on Twitter at @jcasap