WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Game Change: The Theory, Practice and Possibilities of Competency-based Education

Moderator: , Vice President, Institutional Advancement , Western Governors University
Speaker: , Associate Vice President, Higher Education Policy & Research, Blackboard, Inc.
Speaker: , Principal Strategist, Enterprise Consulting, Blackboard, Inc.


Now that the debate over the quality of e-learning has died down, CBE is arguably becoming the next game changer in higher education. It’s the next thing that will push educators to see their work through a different lens. It has the potential to bring clarity to all of the catchy but heretofore undefined goals of higher education: student success, personalized learning, outcomes-based, transparency, accountability, and many more. That said, building and sustaining a high quality competency-based education program can be simultaneously exhilarating and daunting. It requires engaging multiple stakeholders from across your campus and community and touches every piece of an institution. This presentation will include: how CBE animates theory that’s been around for decades, gives definition to well-intentioned shibboleths in higher education, the implications for changes in our work as educators, and the promise of dispelling criticism of accountability, affordability, access, and preparing the nation’s workforce. The presentation will cover the necessary pieces of successful program development and a tool to help institutions design and plan for CBE. Special attention will be placed on lessons learned from a number of institutions developing CBE as well as the change management practices necessary for sustaining innovation.

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