WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Brainstorming Working Session: The Price and Cost of Distance Education

Facilitator: , Director of Regulatory Compliance, Pearson
Facilitator: , Director, Policy and Analysis, WCET
Facilitator: , Associated Dean and Director, University of Wyoming Outreach School


Students, higher education administrators, policy-makers, and the press all focus on the price (what a student pays) and cost (funds expended by institutions) for distance education. It seems that price and cost often suffer conflation. Come and join a WCET panel presenting the preliminary results of a survey tool dedicated to distance education price and cost including examples of the policy impact in a few states. This interactive session will be an open discussion with the audience sharing and brainstorming ways to address these financial issues. The audience will be asked for input on how to educate the public on the rationale behind current price and cost levels.