WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Traveling the CBE Faculty Path: New Ways of Teaching at Three Colleges

Moderator: , Department Dean, Rasmussen College
Speaker: , Assistant Professor, Communication, Westminster College
Speaker: , Associate Professor or Communication, Westminster College


Teaching and learning in competency-based education (CBE) can look different from one institution – even from one student – to the next. It “can occur in a wide variety of forms and settings, and students can receive regular support and encouragement along the way” (C-BEN, 2016). As such, the journeys of college faculty who are leading CBE efforts around the nation have been replete with both rewards and challenges. This panel session features faculty and administrators from two colleges helping to lead the emergence of competency-based teaching and learning in the United States: Westminster College in Utah and Rasmussen College in Minnesota. Both institutions offer different CBE experiences by program, modality, mentoring, and credential level; however, the common panel story of building new and effective faculty models to support responsible CBE innovation in will benefit institutions who are considering alternative pathways to traditional higher learning.