WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
A Testing Evolution: Building an Institutional Assessment Strategic Plan

Facilitator: , Director, eLearning, Utah State University
Facilitator: , Executive Vice Provost & Dean, Utah State University


As online learning tools become a part of mainstream instruction, institutions are challenged to address assessments in new ways. Proctored online exams once reserved for fully online or distance students are now becoming more prevalent in traditional courses. Paper-based exams in crowded lecture halls are being challenged by students who expect better alternatives through technology. Competency-based programs require faculty to evaluate their assessment strategies and develop ways to demonstrate prior knowledge. Online programs generate students located all over world, causing institutions to scale assessment policies beyond their traditional campus(es). Institutions can address these and other critical areas more effectively by formulating an Institutional Assessment Strategic Plan to develop assessment technologies, policies and best practices. The strategic plan includes identifying the critical actors and institutional systems that are vital to success; and, educating faculty on assessment options and designs to ensure that learning objectives are met. In this session we will discuss how to develop an Institutional Assessment Strategic Plan using examples from a large public university, while also drawing on experiences from a variety of institutional sizes and types represented by attendees. The interactive session will help institutions to identify various assessment strategies, the impacts to campus service organizations, and assessment best practices.

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