Tweet Up: Can the Right Data at the Right Place and Right Time Make a Difference?
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Can the Right Data at the Right Place and Right Time Make a Difference? 
Tuesday, March 1   2:00 p.m. PST


As the influx of data continues to grow are Healthcare organizations ready to make sense of these data tsunami?  Are they then ready to make this data available to those who need it to make informed decisions about patients health?  And are they enabling this information in a way that is ready when needed and where needed even at the patient's bed?  Those who are getting ready for this transformation will be one step closer to becoming the information-driven healthcare organizations of the future.  


  • Identify key challenges in making patient and healthcare data ready for the "digital doctors"
  • How will big data, social media, mobility, cloud, and analytics be seen in the future where everyone has access to similar information and patient outcomes are measured with new parameters of success? 
  • When will the digital approach to solving healthcare problems move from innovative/extra to a standard healthcare practice. 



Mandi Bishop - Health Plan Analytics Innovation Practice Lead, Dell - @MandiBPro

Dr. Joseph Kim, MD, MPH - President, MCM Education - @DrJosephKim