Association Meetings Programme 2016
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The Association Meetings Programme (AMP) is ICCA’s new annual event, where ICCA members and international association executives will learn from each other and from a top faculty of experts about key aspects of bidding and decision-making, organising, promoting, and designing international association meetings. AMP replaces ICCA’s long-standing Research, Sales and Marketing Programme (RSMP), which had only been open to ICCA member delegates. Just as with RSMP, this programme is designed for any ICCA members who work with international associations through research, bidding, sales, marketing, ambassador programmes, or who provide organisational or technical services for these meetings. Attendance at AMP is capped at a maximum of 150, to enable the delivery of highly personalised sessions and advice to every attendee.

Success in tomorrow’s meetings industry will increasingly depend on an ability to partner and collaborate with clients and with other suppliers. To avoid becoming caught up in a commoditised marketplace where low cost and standardised services are the norm, ICCA members need to learn new skills and adopt new business concepts. Likewise, to reach the often ambitious objectives of their meetings and deliver ROI to their delegates, international association executives need to learn how to build more constructive relationships with destination marketers, venues, PCOs, and airlines. AMP aims to bridge this gap: to build mutual understanding of objectives and business cultures; to identify practical new ways to work together; to generate ideas for improving the effectiveness and value of the meetings themselves.

Provisional topics for the education programme are:

• Congress bidding and decision-making, seen from multiple perspectives.

• Delivering associations’ meeting-related and beyond-meeting-related objectives

• Local ambassadors – understanding their potential value to both association HQs and local suppliers

• Risk management challenges (especially when booking meetings years in advance)

• Delegate boosting/event marketing tips and tricks

• Finding sponsors for association meetings, delivering sponsor value

• Using meeting design concepts to improve ROI at association meetings

• Does my website “suck”? Hard-talk honest feedback on ICCA members’ sales and marketing.

• Partnerships, innovative business & financial models

• Communicating the value of meetings – association and destination perspectives

• Business cultures and other barriers to collaboration

• Transfer of trust (how to turn relationships built on one-off events into long-term value)

• Creating new events – opportunities for associations and destinations

• Disruptive changes (eg AirBnB) at international association meetings – impact on associations and suppliers

Latest news

Speaker's Corner:
Spencer Waldron

Spencer Waldron is European Regional Manager for, the synamic presentation tool used by more than 60 million people around the globe.

Read more about him on the speaker page.

Meet Our Faculty Leaders

Silke Schlinnertz from Euroheat & Power and Christian Mutschlechner from the Vienna Convention Bureau will be this years faculty leaders.
Read more about them here and watch the interview with Silke on why you should attend the AMP here.

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