ICCA Congress 2016

Make the most of your first ICCA Congress!

Here at ICCA we place huge importance on giving First Time Attendees (FTAs) an especially warm welcome to our International Congress. Over the last few years our specially designed FTA programme has been delivered to over 2000 delegates with the goal of helping them network, do business, learn and overall maximise the benefits of attending their first ICCA Congress.
The programme will provide you with a preview of the main social and educational highlights of the Congress as well as who and what to look out for; and offer you the opportunity to participate in small-group discussions led by industry Mentors, who will share their experiences with you as well as advise which sessions they think you may find useful for your professional and/or personal development. They will be available throughout the Congress.
This is a unique opportunity not to be missed so, if the 2016 ICCA Congress is your first and you would like to ensure you are prepared to make the most of it, sign up for the First Time Attendee Programme and plan to arrive on time to participate on Sunday 13 November at 9.00 hours. We look forward to meeting you in Kuching!