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Gain Control of All IT Operations with Wire Data
by ExtraHop Networks

What Is Wire Data About?

By analyzing the data flowing through your network, we harness an unbiased real-time data source to help optimize your entire IT infrastructure, including Citrix, and your EHR platform. This results in faster problem resolution and ultimately improved patient care.

IT Ops – Gain control by harnessing the of power of wire data to deliver real-time application, service, and device visibility across your IT environment from all data-in-flight. Monitor your complex IT infrastructure, improve application response times, and take a proactive approach to service outages – all in a single platform.

Citrix Admin – Stop getting blamed and gain visibility into all underlying systems that support your Citrix deployment. By leveraging wire data you can improve the performance of your Citrix deployment and quickly identify issues across the application, infrastructure, and network stack.

Networking Team – Stop getting blamed for slow app performance. Gain visibility and control of all communications on your network by leveraging an ITOA wire data platform to improve performance and quickly identify issues across the application, infrastructure, and network stack.

What Makes Wire Data Innovative?

ExtraHop delivers control to IT by harnessing the power of the network to provide unbiased real-time data across your organization. Now it’s possible to transform all data-in-flight into meaningful insights. Only ExtraHop’s real-time stream analytics can transform raw packets and flows into structured wire data giving you insight into all IT Operations.

Three Pillars of Value

Discover: All IT & business transacts on the wire. The ExtraHop platform automatically discovers and classifies everything within your environment as it happens in real time using a simple, agentless deployment model.

Observe: The ExtraHop platform delivers unmatched visibility. Whether it is application and infrastructure performance monitoring, device/user interactions, or critical business-level transactions, no one else can deliver this unique visibility for IT and business intelligence.

Analyze: The ExtraHop platform provides turnkey analytics capabilities throughout the platform, from real-time performance metrics to detailed historical transactions making it easy to gain deep insights without the need for costly integrations or difficult to find data scientists.