Webinar - Social Media

Lessons from a Leading NFP. Using Social Media to Enhance Your Traditional Fundraising Channels.

We all know when used well, social media can play a vital part in your fundraising mix. 'Like' it or not social media and digital fundraising is a growth area that every NFP should be capitalising on.

This webinar will provide you tips on how to engage your supporters and implement strategies to enhance your offline fundraising including your direct mail appeals and driving event participation using examples from leading Australian Not For Profits. The webinar will demonstrate the importance of using your existing database to leverage your fundraising efforts, increase brand awareness, and drive people to your website. 

Registrations close 5pm AEST Monday 15 June 2015!

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Troy Townsend
Co Founder & Chief Client Officer
Tiger Pistol

Troy has an immense passion for technology, specifically in how technology can help improve traditional marketing tactics and provide overall channel lift.

Troy’s strong background in the advertising, marketing, and PR space has lead him around the globe working on world-class brands such as Emirates Airlines, Pepsi, American Express, and Kimberly Clark in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific.

While working for an interactive promotions agency in Canada, Troy recognised the importance of incorporating tailored technology and smart data analysis into a brand’s marketing strategy. He moved back to Australia where he set up Insured Creativity for Australia and New Zealand.

Troy recognised a gap in the marketplace for businesses to use social media to provide overall channel lift, and founded Tiger Pistol in 2011. Since then, Tiger Pistol has been recognised by Facebook as an innovator and was awarded the prestigious title of Facebook Marketing Partner. The business has expanded from its head office in Melbourne to a second office in LA and services thousands of SMB and Enterprise clients globally. Seeing tangible results for industry leading brands motivates Troy to push the boundaries of traditional and digital marketing.
Date & Time
Wednesday, 17 June 2015
12.00 - 1.00pm AEST (Sydney time)

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