Webinar - Brand Power for Non-Profits

A strong brand acts as a declaration of what you stand for, now and in the future. In the commercial world, a strong brand is a central platform for a clear market identity, a dynamic marketing strategy and a high performance culture. The typical non-profit brand is undervalued and underutilised. Many non-profits (with a few notable exceptions!) fail to successfully leverage the power of their brand to unite and promote their organisations.

Great brands ignite hearts, minds and markets. They build team alignment with the vision and the mission, and create smarter, more consistent communications.  As more non-profits turn to partnerships, mergers and social enterprises, (particularly in the rapidly changing disability sector) the importance of an overarching brand strategy is critical in order to avoid diluting your communications and weakening your visibility.

This webinar takes us back to branding fundamentals. It offers a new definition of marketing and reprioritises the role of the brand in an increasingly competitive environment. It will include practical tips, insights, some great stories and case studies.

Registrations close 5pm AEST Monday 20 July 2015!

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Fran Connelley MFIA
FC Marketing

Fran Connelley began her career in the Australian toy industry as a buyer with Toyworld and Group Product Manager with Hasbro Toys where she managed brands such as Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers and GI Joe. In this highly volatile market she learnt the value of great branding and story-telling to unlock new markets and revenue.

As a non-profit branding specialist and Director of FC Marketing she has worked with many organisations including Landcare Australia, Coastcare, Scalabrini Village, Sylvanvale Foundation, Can Assist, the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme, the Australian National Botanic Gardens and the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation. She is passionate about the power of branding to build internal cultures, create smarter communications and connect new audiences to your mission.

For more information visit: www.fcmarketing.com.au

Date & Time
Wednesday, 22 July 2015
12.00 - 1.00pm AEST (Sydney time)

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