Financing Energy Access in Conflict Settings
Financing Energy Access in Conflict Settings
11:10 am - 12:25 pm
New York
United States

There are now more than 51.2 million refugees and internally displaced people worldwide. For these vulnerable populations, access to household energy and fuel for cooking, lighting, heating, and powering is a particularly critical issue. Humanitarian operations and organizations responding to an unprecedented number of global emergencies also require electricity to power health clinics, transit centers, the pumping and treatment of water, and the transportation of relief items. 

Please join us for this session, which will highlight innovative public-private partnerships and programs that have been developed to address and finance cleaner energy access in humanitarian settings. The focus will be on innovative financing mechanisms that have been successfully implemented, and the role of displaced people, host country governments and implementing agencies in making these work. This session will allow for a practical discussion on the challenges of scaling up sustainable energy for displaced people and discuss how to enable and finance solutions