NICE - APPEX Regional 2015

The Potential and Pitfalls of North Africa after Arab Spring

The pace of change in the region may make the Arab Spring seem like ancient history. But that eclectic, and still-incomplete, series of revolutions began a process of change with implications that will take years, if not decades, to fully understand. A conversation is taking place across North Africa about how states should be ruled, and for whose benefit: Sometimes through a peaceful process of protest and constitutional change, but too often through the peace talks which are trying to resolve civil wars or the violent statements of terrorism. The processes of change are as varied as the outcomes but Nicholas Wade, the Regional Manager for the Middle East and North Africa at Menas Associates, will address the pertinent questioned with reasoned predictions:

Whether Egypt will be forced to choose between democracy and stability, and what the implications are for its vast investment potential. How Libya’s civil conflict may be resolved, and if it is possible to achieve a lasting peace while maintaining national unity. Can Tunisia leverage its successful political transformation to attract investment despite its growing association with Islamist militancy. Will Algeria be able to muster the political strength to undertake the reforms which its economy requires. Is Morocco’s place as a regional hub of stability and economic diversification secure?

About the Speaker

Nicholas Wade is a Senior Associate at Menas, and the Regional Manager for the Middle East & North Africa. He edits Menas’ publications on this area and is responsible for the recruitment of the authors and consultants who cover it. He previously worked as the Middle East analyst in the BBC’s research department, and as a journalist in several news organisations, including the BBC World Service. Nicholas learned Arabic during a year spent living in Jordan, and was educated at Cambridge University where he received a first-class honours and two degrees specialising in the history and politics of the Middle East

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