NICE - APPEX Regional 2015

Central and Western Mediterranean E&P potential Revisited and Reviewed

The Central and Western Mediterranean Sea has been characterised by intense exploration activity in the last two decades of the last century but mainly in shallow waters. This period of exploration activity lead to the discovery on some important oil and gas fields, with gas (mostly biogenic) mainly in the deepwater deposits (turbidites) and oil in carbonate units that span in age from Triassic to Miocene. The opening of new areas to exploration, the availability of new technologies to drill in deeper waters, the acquisition of new seismic data and processing techniques that have allowed to improve the quality of the image and the new political and economic situation in the surrounding areas have revitalized exploration activity in this wide assemblage of sedimentary basin.

The talk will review the main charcateristics of the discoveries made in the past and how the lessons learned from the previous activity and the integration of data from onshore and from surrounding areas can allow to look at the exploration potentials of the Central and Western Mediterranean with a different and more positive exploration perspective.
About the Speaker
Raffaele Di Cuia holds a first class degree in Earth Sciences (University of Ferrara, Italy) and an MSc in Basin Analysis and Evolution (Royal Holloway College - University of London)

Raffaele is presently Partner and Technical Director of G.E.Plan Consulting s.r.l. in Ferrara, (Italy) a consulting company specialized in the characterization of complex reservoirs and he has previously held technical positions with TOTAL S.A., FINA E&P and Arco British.

Raffaele has 20 years experience in E&P industry where he has mainly worked on projects about the characterization of fractured reservoirs and the evaluation of basin for HC exploration. He has worked extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Africa mainly in carbonate fractured reservoirs

Raffaele has run more than 50 training courses on “complex carbonate reservoir characterization” and on “structural geology in carbonate rocks”.

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