Seoul - Gartner Security Local Briefing 13th July 2010

Session One: The Security and Risk Management Activity Cycle - Building a Mature Program

Paul Proctor, VP Distinguished Analyst


Security and risk management addresses business requirements for security, risk assessment, business continuity, compliance, and privacy. So it is no surprise that IT departments are stretched trying to address the complexity and breadth of all these requirements. Gartner has developed an activity cycle that shows the relationship between these disciplines and embodies the best practices to execute them effectively and efficiently.  Attend this session to find out:


  • What the best practices are to address security, privacy, business continuity, and compliance effectively and efficiently for business requirements?
  • How you should organize an effective risk management function?
  • How you need to work with the business to effectively protect against reasonably anticipated threats?   


Session Two: Trends in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Market

Gregg Kreizman, Research Director


Do you know how multifaceted and dynamic the IAM market is?  Even as major market segments mature, changes in application architecture and the advent of cloud computing are adding complexity and forcing vendors to react.  You need to be aware of these changes if your business is planning for IAM developments and purchases. In this session you will find out:


  • What the trends in identity and access management are?
  • The decision factors you need to know when considering IAM solutions?
  • Who the vendors are in the major IAM market segments?



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