The (CERSH) Rural Sexual Health Conference 2015

Presenter: Moira Carmody (PhD) is Professor of Sexualities and Genders Research, School of Social Sciences & Psychology, University of Western Sydney, Australia.  She is an AASW Accredited Social Worker with extensive academic and professional experience including working as a sexuality educator, as a sexual assault counsellor, state coordinator of sexual assault services, policy advisor to state and federal governments in Australia and as university teacher and researcher in sociology. Her most recent book Sex, Ethics and Young People was published in the USA by Palgrave Macmillan in May 2015. 

Invited paper title:
Transforming sexuality cultures through sexual ethics

Workshop title:  Putting sexual ethics into practice with young people

Workshop focus: The 90 minute workshop will introduce participants to the Sex & Ethics Program developed by Professor Carmody in 2007  and subsequently run in multiple states in Australia and in New Zealand. The workshop will  provide an opportunity  to participate in 2 activities taken from the Program based on adult learning principles. The workshop will begin with an introduction to the Program, an overview of the 6 weeks content and the theoretical underpinning of the Program based on sexual ethics. This approach provides a four stage ethical framework that young people and educators can use to critically reflect on how they approach sexual intimacy. It provides skills to negotiate sexual encounters where mutuality, pleasure and respect are increased.  Alternative approaches to traditional gender performance and expectations in sexually intimate situations are explored.