Desert Foot 2015
October 19-22, 2016

Sheraton Grand Phoenix, AZ
The Annual High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference
Honoring Our Federal Services Healthcare Professionals

2015 Abstract/Poster Competition



Baker, Elizabeth Optimizing Inflow for DiabeticLimb Salvage: A Case Report
Bland, Devin Use of a Novel Mechanical Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System in Management of Lower Extremity Ulcerations and Infections in Limb Salvage: A Case Study of 5 Patients
Brantley, Jonathan Surgical Use of Cryopreserved Viable Placental Membranes (CVPM)* for Low Extremity Wound
Bress, Allyson Case of Necrotizing Fasciitis in Uncontrolled Type II Diabetic Male with Minimal Surgical Amputation Utilizing Multidisciplinary Approach: A Case Report
Bress, Allyson Utilizing antibiotic impregnated beads and cement spacer with ORIF for treatment of chronic osteomyelitis of calcaneus for limb salvage: A case report
Campbell, Thomas Shoelace Technique for Wound Closure
Demidowich, Lisa Use of a Split Thickness Skin Graft, Negative Pressure and a Compression Device for Limb Salvage in a High Risk Diabetic Patient.
Egertsen, Michael Revisiting an Antiquated Amputation
Fought, Ashley  Healing a Full-Thickness Wound in a Highly Compromised Diabetic Patient
Fussell, Nicholas Life and Limb: Can a multidisciplinary diabetic foot ulcer clinic begin impacting mortality?
Gillespie, Steve Efficient Wound Closure Using a Viable Cryopreserved Placental Tissue and Negative Pressure Therapy in a Non-compliant Patient with a Neuropathic Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Gillespie, Steve Expedient Wound Closure Utilizing Viable Placental Tissue in Serious Limb Threatening Infection: A Case Study
Lenz, Robin Application of a Dehydrated Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft for the Treatment of Lower Extremity Wounds
Lenz, Robin Combinatorial Use of Cryopreserved Sheet and Particulate Umbilical Cord (UC) and Amniotic Membrane (AM) Advanced Therapies for the Treatment of Recalcitrant Wounds
Lindekugel, Andrew Management of Tophaceous Ulcerations
Mirkovic, Dijana When to Biopsy Atypical Wounds: Current Guidelines and A Case Report of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Foot Misdiagnosed as Osteomyelitis
Nagesh, Darshan The Use of Dehydrated Human Amniotic Membrane (dHACM) Allografts to Expedite Healing in Patients with Five Major Types of Refractory Non-Healing Wounds: 117 Cases
Noorda, Spencer Malignant Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Case Study
Patel, Naren Use of Biodegradable Chitosan Sponge to Deliver Antibiotics in Deep Wounds
Rammohan, Rajnish Use of Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord Allograft in a patient with poor vascularity
Reiner, Matthew Can Procalcitonin be used as a Biomarker for Predicting Amputation Level in Lower Extremity Infections?
Ruff, Jake Wound Healing in Righ-Risk Diabetics with Novel Anti-Microbial Collagen Wound Matrix Containing Polyhexamethylenebiguanide HCl
Samoy, Valarie Combined Platform Utilizing Acellular Dermal Matrix, MPNPWT, and Total Contact Casting in Healing Recalcitrant Neurotropic Foot Ulceration
Sanchez, Pat Post-operative Limb Salvage with Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane
Sanchez, Pat Salt Shaker dHACM Application Technique for Large VLUs: A Case Series
Sanchez, Pat Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy in Refractory Surgical Wounds: A Short Case Series
Sultana, Zakia Chronic Wound Resolution Utilizing Enzymatic Debridement In Combination With SAFARI Procedure: A Retrospective Case Study
Sultana, Zakia The Use of Delayed Primary Closure and dHACM In Complex Diabetic Foot Wounds: A Retrospective Case Study 
Tien, Anna Healing of Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds Utilizing a 4-Week Assessment of Healing to Initiate Treatment with Appropriate Sized dHACM and Subsequently Achieve Healing in a Veteran Patient Population. 
Utterback, Aaron Utilization of Cellular Human Repair Matrix with Concomitant Mechanically Powered Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Accelerated Healing of Various Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Vidovic, Gregory Ovine Collagen Extracellular Matrix in Conjunction with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Management of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Retrospective Study
Witmer, Nathaniel Is Your Patient Colonized with Staphylococcus aureus...Should You Be Concerned?
Alexander, Linda Efficacy of Combining dHACM Micronized and Graft in Chronic Lower Extremity Wounds
Arnold, Yi Characterization of a novel cryopreserved placental allograft for surgical procedures
Arnold, Yi Human Cryopreserved Viable Placental Membrane* Inhibits the Growth of Bacteria Associated With Chronic Wounds
Arnold, Yi Understanding Placental Products: Impact of Commercial Preservation Methods on Anti-Inflammatory and Angiogenic Properties
Banks, Jaminelli Decellularized Human Dermis* Drives Rapid Surface Area Reduction and Closure for Diabetic Neuropathic Ulcer
Barrett, Christopher The Integrated Use of DACC Technology and a New Bio-Active Native Collagen Scaffold to Treat Chronic Wounds
Couture, Mark A Single-Center, Retrospective Study of Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord for Wound Healing in Patients Suffering From Chronic Wounds of the Foot and Ankle
Derk, Francis The Use of Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) for the Treatment of  an Ischemic, Dehisced Open Partial 4th Ray Amputation with elevated CRPH Levels and Kidney Dx
Derk, Francis The Use of Topical Wound Oxygen (TWO2) in a Severe Lower Extremity Staph Infection Status Post Incision and Drainage
Derk, Francis The Use of Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy (TWO2) and Grafix Prime  Mesenchymal Stem Cells  for Chronic Severe Venous Stasis Ulcerations
Desvigne, Michael Application of an Ovine collagen dressing
Dragoo, David Efficacy of Antibiotic Impregnated Bone Void Fillers in Limb Preservation
Ellis, Mark 360o Regeneration of Peri-Achilles Subcutaneous Tissue Using Flowable Acellular Collagen-Glycosaminoglycan Matrix Following a Through-and-Through Soft Tissue Defect Secondary to Degloving Injury
Ellis, Mark Tarsal Coalitions Misdiagnosed Plantar Fasciitis
Ellis, Mark Percutaneous Ultrasonic Treatment of Chronic Refractory Neuropathic Foot Ulcers
Estrada, Alexander The Use of a Regenerative Dermal Matrix to Heal a Chronic Diabetic Foot Wound
Ferreras, Daniel The Efficacy of a Cryopreserved Placental Membrane When Used as Part of a Dual-Protocol Algorithm in Complex Ulcer Patients
Ferreras, Daniel Utilization of an Ovine collagen dressing with an intact extracellular matrix (CECM) within a Dual-Protocol algorithm to improve wound closure times and reduce expenditures in a VA Hospital
Fish, Randolph Resolving Osteomyelitis with Bacteriophage
Goss, Keith Tibiotalocaneal Arthrodesis in Diabetic Patients with Challenging Co-Morbidities Using a Compression-Sustaining Intramedullary Nail
Gottlieb, David Aggressive Conservative Wound Care
Hansen, Myron Treatment of Chronic and Refractory Plantar Fasciitis with Single-Dose AmnioFix Allograft Injection
Heath, Laura Application of Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft to Promote Healing of Recalcitrant Lower Extremity Wounds in 45 Patients
Javed, Najwa Atypical Ulcerating Skin Disease: Treating Refractory Lower Extremity Wounds with a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Placental Membrane
Kovacich-Smith, Katie The Use of Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane for the Treatment of Hallux Limitus in a Diabetic Patient: A Case Study
Le, Thuy Treatment of Non-Bypassable Critical Limb Threatening Ischemia with Ischemic Ulcers Utilizing ArtAssist Monitored with Fluorescent Angiography
Lorne, Karen Use of dHACM to Heal Second Degree Burn in a Diabetic/Neuropathic Veteran with Prior Below Knee Amputation
Marino, Jaclyn Case Study of Five Diabetic Foot Ulcerations treated with a Human Cellular Repair Matrix to Accelerate Wound Closure
Omana-Daniels, Rebecca A Suggested Pathway to Decrease Incisional Complications Associated with Transmetatarsal Amputation
Omana-Daniels, Rebecca Fluorescence Angiography Use to Ensure Optimal Wound Bed Preparation
Omana-Daniels, Rebecca SPY Assisted Lower Extremity Amputation
Rifleman, Gregory The Use of Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane to Treat a Large Dorsal Wound with Exposed Tendons and Deep Tracking: A Retrospective Case Study Review of One Patient in a VA Setting
Achabal, Pam Treating Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients with an Ovine Collagen Extra Cellular Matrix Prior to Cellular Tissue Products
Sinclair, Michael Development of a Novel Viable Cryopreserved Skin Allograft (vCSA)
Sinclair, Michael Structural and Functional Characterization of a Novel Viable Cryopreserved Skin Allograft (vCSA)
Smedley, Jon
Challenging Lower Limb Ulcerations in Patients with Impaired Tissue Perfusion: Application of a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane to Achieve Wound Closure
Suzuki, Kazu
Treatment of Challenging Lower Extremity Wounds with Bone and Tendon Exposure: Using a Uniquely Viable and Intact Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane Graft for Closure
Taddie, Kristie Intact Cryopreserved Viable Human Amniotic Membrane (cryo-viable hAM)* used in Conjunction with NPWT for a Diabetic Heel Ulcer with History of Deep Foreign Body Abscess and Multiple Comorbidities 
Tallis, Arthur Treatment and Healing of Chronic Wounds in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Using a novel Decellularized Human Dermis* and Other Standard Wound Care Protocols.
Terebessy, Joseph Retrospective Analysis of 104 Chronic Wounds Healed with Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allografts in the VA Setting Over a Two Year Period
Vayser, Dean
Evaluating the Impact of a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Human Amniotic Membrane on Percent Area Reduction in Recalcitrant Wound Outliers after Multiple Advanced Treatment Failures
Warne, James
Introduction of a Viable Intact Cryopreserved Placental Membrane to Expedite Wound Closure and Reduce the Number of Ulcer Related Visits in the VA Healthcare System
Zelen, Charles A Prospective, Randomized, Blinded, Comparative Study of Injectable Micronized Dehydrated Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft in the Treatment of Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis
Zelen, Charles A Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Multi-Center Comparative Effectiveness Study of Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft, Bioengineered Skin Substitute, or Standard Care for Treatment of Chronic Diabetic Lower Extremity Ulcers
Kovacich-Smith, Katie The EverStep Prosthetic Device - Restorative, Preventative Foot and Ankle Care, A Retrospective Survey
Aung, Barbara "ONE AND DONE" - Application of a Novel Regenerative Tissue Matrix to Heal High Risk Lower Extremity Wounds - For the Changing Reimbursement Environment
Biasiolli, Kate The Use of a Novel Regenerative Tissue Matrix to Heal Wounds
Kilpadi, Deepak Ability of 2 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems to Remove Fluid: A Laboratory Study
Koob, Tom Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Regulates Stem Cell Activity In Vitro
Sinclair, Naomi Novel Native Collagen Dressing Featuring Bioactive 3D-Matrix Technology for Selective Binding of Wound Collagenases and Gelatinases
Koob, Tom Type I and II Diabetic Adipose Derived Stem Cells Respond In Vitro to Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft Treatment by Increasing Proliferation, Migration, and Altering Cytokine Secretion
McCord, D. Elizabeth How Viniferamine Small Molecule Technology Improves Outcomes for Diabetic Wound Care Issues
McCord, D. Elizabeth Improving Continuity of Care During Transitions from Institution to Home Using Specialized Skin Care Kits
McCord, D. Elizabeth Use of a Skin-Wellness System to Reduce Reportable and Preventable Skin Conditions in a Group Home Setting
Miele, Angela Treatment of Pyoderma Gangrenosum with a Cryopreserved Human Placental Membrane*
Moffett, John Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Treatment on Programmed Resolution of Inflammation and Neuronal Outgrowth 
Taddie, Kristie dHACM/ AminoFix® in the Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis: A Phase IIb, Single-Blinded Comparison Study Orlando VAMC
Waycaster, Curtis Cost-effectiveness of Becaplermin Gel on Diabetic Foot Ulcer Healing: Changes in Wound Surface Area