ICCA Congress 2015
Unfortunately we are no longer accepting donations for the 2015 ICCA Silent Auction in Buenos Aires. If you're interested in donating next year, please contact Amanda Marochko (amanda.m@iccaworld.org) for more details.


At the ICCA Congress, delegates can bid for fabulous prizes donated by ICCA members. 100% of the money raised goes to the ICCA Education Fund which financially supports initiatives such as the Forum for Young Professionals, held during EIBTM and the ICCA International Meetings Foundation Seminar, held at AIME. These two events educate meeting professionals; both members and association meeting planners. The Education fund also supports our scholarship students who attend the ICCA Congress. All donors will benefit from ICCA promoting your organisation, online and offline, to all ICCA delegates at the Congress and to the associations and ICCA members attending the two events listed above.

Please always use your SpotMe app to bid on prizes and follow the progress of the Silent Auction. Bids for each item are anonymous and the highest bid received by the end of the auction will win the prize. The ICCA Silent Auction has already begun accepting bids. Bidding will be possible until Tuesday, 3rd November, 15:30 local time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Payments must be made onsite via credit card at the Silent Auction stand (located at the registration desk). All prices are listed and charged in euros.
If you are interested in donating a prize to this year's Silent Auction, please click the "Donate Now" button featured in the right hand menu. To see what last year's donors contributed, please click here

The donated prizes for the auction will also be on display at the ICCA Silent Auction area at the Congress. The deadline for donating a prize is 23 October 2015. Unfortunately all prizes that are not submitted before this date will not be able to be showcased.
"I found my break in Budapest a real eye opener in terms of getting to know a new destination, this came about through the services of a tour guide, part of the package, who helped me and my colleague in one day to cover at least 3 days' worth of exploration.

The private car, also included in the package, escorted us on day two to Heviz Spa, home to Europe's largest thermal lake, a spectacle in itself and certainly somewhere I would visit again. I am so glad that I bid for this prize as it really showed me something I would not have actively sought out.

The ICCA silent auction is definitely something to get actively involved in, the money raised is for a good cause and could really do you some good too!"

Kerrin MacPhie
ACC Liverpool
Prize pictured: Heviz Spa package donated by HungExpo in 2013
"The EICC training has been a great educational experience for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the meetings industry, step outside their daily work life, and let themselves be inspired in a different environment. You will, in addition to EICC specific knowledge, leave with a more complete understanding of the venue sector and their needs and ways of working."

Carmen Ferrari
Prize pictured: Placement at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre donated by EICC in 2012