Let's Get Digital! Winter Luncheon Series
"Going Beyond the Interface: Graphic Design in Games" with Brandon Cronk


Brandon Cronk
Chief Creative Officer, Red Five Interactive

Brandon graduated from Iowa State University in 1997 and began working for Red Five Interactive right after graduation. Brandon worked as Art Director at Red Five Interactive to help define the process for creating websites there. His background has remained in designing for digital media since.

In 2004, he left Des Moines to join Rainbow Studios and THQ to pursue graphic design for console video games. While there he worked on titles such as MX vs. ATV, an offroad racing game, and an unreleased WWE wresting game. In 2007, Brandon moved to Salt Lake City, UT to work on games for Fall Line Studios & Avalanche Software which were both owned by the Walt Disney Company. During his time in Salt Lake City, Brandon worked on titles such as Ultimate Band for the Wii, Toy Story 3, and Cars 2 video games.

In 2011, Brandon rejoined Red Five Interactive located in West Des Moines, IA to design interfaces for apps, games, and, of course, websites. Brandon continues to apply the lessons learned from console games to other forms of digital media.