Manual Bookkeeping
Manual Bookkeeping and Accounts Rules.

Account Rules, Compliance, and Anti Money laundering Regulations – three of the biggest responsibilities for every firm.

One of the biggest considerations you will face is compliance with the Law Society’s accounts rules. It is vital that you understand these to ensure your accounts or your organisations accounts are kept up to date with current procedures.

Are you responsible for ensuring compliance with the accounts rules within your firm?
Have you just started up on your own or are you thinking about it in the near future?
Did you answer yes? - Then this seminar is an absolute must in your training calendar

This full day interactive seminar is led by the Society’s Financial Compliance Team, who as the experts in this field, will give you an insight and understanding of the Law Society’s accounts rules.

By the end of this seminar you will:

• Know how to maintain the required account records on a simple manual system including maintenance of cash book, client ledger and firms’ records
• Understand how to complete the Accounts Certificate which must be lodged with the Law Society every six months
• Have an insight in to the steps required to complete monthly/quarterly reconciliations required by the rules
• Know how to comply with money laundering regulations
• Be given a full overview of the compliance requirements of the accounts rules

Spaces are limited so early booking is advisable. This seminar is best suited to firms that use a manual bookkepping system.

Please note: All of our CPD is verifiable. However, for Trainees this seminar will count towards your 20 hours of non-authorised TCPD - it WILL NOT count towards the required 40 hours of authorised TCPD. For authorised TCPD, please click here.