ASE15 Attendees

Affiliate/Partnerships Manager


Christopher Park has been’s Affiliate/Partnerships Manager since it all began in January, 2001, and has been working with Blair’s paid search program since September, 2004. Additionally, he has been employed by Blair for over 26 years. He recently took over the management of the Old Pueblo Traders and Bedford Fair affiliate programs, as well. The affiliate program was featured in the “premier” and Sept./Oct. 2006 issues of Revenue magazine, and Chris has been interviewed for articles in publications such as Multichannel Merchant and Marketing Today. Chris is a frequent speaker at affiliate marketing events, including Affiliate Summits East & West, Performics Client Summit, ACCM, AffiliateFORCE, local community colleges and the eMarketing Learning Center in Erie, PA. When he’s not living the dream that is affiliate marketing, Chris and his wife, Shelley, enjoy traveling to visit their 5 kids.