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Ring Router, Inc.

Before Ring Router, CEO and President Bryan George was an insurance agent for 10+ years, owning two successful agencies. After calling Internet leads for years, he left the business to help change the industry, with the opportunity that calls and affiliate marketing provided. Ring Router is the backend call technology that powers affiliate network call generation. PayPerCallMarket is an affiliate network that specializes in auto insurance, and works with major insurance carriers. Ring Router received Series A Funding last year. Bryan has a BA in Psychology, Masters in Personal Finance from small CA schools. He recently relocated to the Seattle area due to company growth. He has started, and grown many businesses, been an online marketer, and an affiliate. Bryan created multiple in-browser call technologies, that are currently patent pending. Bryan was a US National team field hockey player in his youth, even trained for Olympics. He is an avid golfer, and Bitcoin day-trader.