As part of ECCU this year we will mobilize all participants in a new event - the CPR SAVES LIVES MARCH.

Join cardiac arrest survivors who were saved by CPR, to bring attention to the hundreds of thousands who could survive with more CPR, more AEDs and better care. On Thursday, December 10, we will all march together from the Manchester Grand Hyatt to the San Diego Civic Center. We will have banners and signs calling for more action. Help make this important message heard.

March Header Banner

At the Civic Center, officials and the press will join with us to hear inspirational stories from survivors, recounting their rescues and the lives they have led since. CCPRF will raise a call in a very public way for more CPR training, more AED placements and more education so others can live. Complementary lunch will be available at the event for all march participants.

Departure: All march participants and attendees should exit the Harbor Tower entrance by 11:25 AM. The march will proceed to the Civic Center. The march is approximately one mile (20 minutes).

As part of the Survivor Event, ECCU's Local Planning Committee will train hundreds of high school students in hands-only CPR with an introduction to AED. Come watch this spectacular event unfold.

A special “Thank You” to our sponsors for their support and contributions: PulsePoint (Gold Sponsor) and UC San Diego Health (Bronze Sponsor).