Transformational Business Conference & Awards 2015
11 June 2015 | InterContinental Park Lane #FTIFCAwards

The Special Award for Excellence in City Transformation, supported by the Cities Alliance, recognises those cities that, since 2010, have demonstrated tangible progress towards city-wide, integrated reforms across one or more of the following five parameters: 
  • Environmental – integrates planning and management of natural resources, with positive impacts on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies; integrates disaster risk preparedness improving resilience of most affected populations
  • Social – demonstrates progress to promote an inclusive city that integrates gender equality, citizen participation with mutual rights and responsibilities
  • Governance – demonstrates progress in promoting an enabling environment for inclusive planning, responsive administration, stable municipal finance within a culture of transparency and accountability
  • Economic – facilitates enabling environment addressing both formal and informal economic activities that improve livelihoods, and promotes long-term, equitable and sustainable economic growth
  • Services – demonstrates progress in the citywide provision of and access to basic services such as housing, food, water, sanitation, energy, health and education.

This award is open to city governments (Not private sector organisations).