Transformational Business Conference & Awards 2015
11 June 2015 | InterContinental Park Lane #FTIFCAwards


The awards for Achievement in Urban Transformation highlight innovative and commercially viable partnerships, including public-private partnerships, and other initiatives that substantially improve access to basic needs for urban residents in developing economies. 

This category will award specific projects and transactions that address one or more of the following challenges:

  • Building Cities – Infrastructure, buildings, urban water, sanitation, waste, recycling
Innovative projects that address pressing issues around the physical structures of urban living, such as roads, bridges and buildings, as well as water distribution, sanitation and waste management

  • Planning Cities – Land rights, land use, land planning, housing, affordable housing, transportation, migration, mobility
Successful initiatives that put habitat, the use of land, and people’s rights in the context of rising urban populations at the center of the planning process, and address social and environmental challenges around city transportation, mobility and migration.

  • Powering Cities – Energy, energy efficiency, citywide access to power
This award focuses on ensuring that urban residents in developing economies are provided with the crucial energy supply they need to live safely and productively.

  • Feeding Cities – Food, food security, water
Ground-breaking projects that address the scarcity of food and water in the rapidly  growing cities that now dominate emerging economies

  • Livable Cities – Health, education, job creation, security, safety
Significant initiatives around social development in an urban context, including providing sustainable health and education services and generating the employment opportunities that secure livelihoods

Projects or transactions must have passed the implementation stage, and must be commercially viable now or potentially within five years of implementation. Only initiatives that have been implemented since 2010 will be eligible.