The Beat Live 2010

Travel distribution is at a critical turning point. New technology, content agreements, bundled fares, ancillary fees and related processes are among the issues to be debated at the third annual The Beat Live Chicago Sept. 20-22, 2010.

The traveler-centric future, implications of social media and mobile on corporate travel and the new era of reduced travel volumes are also on the agenda. In addition to air, tech and TMC, hotel gets its own session this year.

Don't miss your chance to hear in person the most candid commentary on hot topics from the industry's most influential executives and communicators ... at The Beat Live '10.

Gain a deeper understanding of all the industry dynamics in flux and insight on the key strategies you need to navigate it all.

Register Now at right, or explore the site and latest agenda to learn what to expect. If you are a subscriber to The Beat, consider yourself invited. If not, email Jay here for your own golden ticket to this invitation-only event.

Here's what some past attendees had to say:

"This event has attitude. People come expecting to participate, not observe. That's what sets it apart and makes it special and valuable." ~ Pegasus Solutions COO Ric Leutwyler

"All of it was very good." ~ Oracle travel buyer Rita Visser

"I'm really impressed with the amount of interaction. It isn't just people asking questions, but standing up to make statements, argue positions and have a bit of fun."
~ AirPlus International president Richard Crum

"The Beat Live wakes you up to the reality of our times in the travel industry. After The Beat Live you go back home with enough ideas and strategies to last you a year."
~ Cornerstone Information Systems CEO Mat Orrego

"All the sessions are great. People are missing out by not coming to The Beat Live. It's like a think-tank here."
~ UATP president Ralph Kaiser

"This event enabled interaction and face-to-face networking with some of the most influential people in the travel industry, without abusing either valuable time or budget constraints. It has not outgrown its value in any way!" ~ Eastman Group president Richard Eastman

"Great format and opportunity to talk with peers and leaders of the business travel market." ~ Short's Travel Management president David LeCompte