ICCVM 2020
E BIKES – Electric bike tour out of the Park Hyatt
Owner Barry – 766-2453
Hike is a great adventure if you are in good shape! 
Tour: http://www.gregsafaris.com/
Christophe Harbour development 5 minutes’ drive.
There is an amazing hike which can be explained to you which takes about 2 hours depending on your fitness level. The Christophe Harbour development has cleared a great path for their guests which we have used.
You have to drive from Cockleshell Beach toward the Great Salt Pond. BEFORE you get to the private “gated” road to The Pavilion restaurant there is a dirt/sandy road on your right used for their construction vehicles. It is closed to the public. We usually go on a Sunday morning as to not interfere with their vehicles and it’s quiet but you can go anytime. You can pull of the main road and park on side of this road and walk towards the ocean. (do not block their truck access) Under a canopy of shady trees – head towards the Ocean. Stay to your right and you will meet up with a paved road which follows the hillside high ABOVE The Pavilion Restaurant at the end. Keep going past their “look out point” and you will find a dirt path. Follow this path all the way (stay on the left trail- not the one that branches to the right) The views are fantastic at many points. It can be slippery in some areas but if you are careful and fit you’ll be fine. (beware of loose rocks) It will go all the way around ending up almost where you started.
This is a very remote area so bring water and a cell phone with you.
You may want to try FLY BOARDING! 
Usually located at Cockleshell Beach a few minutes’ walk away.
Water Sports http://www.beachaddictionstkittsnevis.com
Professional and Reliable Water Taxi to Nevis (869-662-7081)

DiJon - Professional and Reliable Water Taxi to Nevis (869-667-8351) Located at Reggae Beach Bar and Grill pier at Cockleshell Beach. http://www.stkittsnevischarters.com/
BLACK FIN 663-3301 (Mention departure from Reggae clivinchristmas@hotmail.com
They will pick you up by boat at Reggae Beach Pier which is a short walk from the cottage. http://www.prodiversstkitts.com/ Pick up boat at Fisherman’ Wharf in Basseterre http://kennethdivecenter.com/
Nevis Island Tour
If you plan to take the SEA BRIDGE car ferry, check the schedule on sknvibes.com http://www.sknvibes.com/travel/ferry.cfm.
Sea Bridge Ferry 662-7002 or 662-9565 (CASH ONLY - no credit cards) This ferry is located at Majors Bay, about 5 minutes’ drive away.
Start off with The Four Seasons Hotel Gift Shop, they always have nice souvenirs and the Boutique has beautiful (though expensive) Island Wear for men and women.
There is also a very cute ladies clothing store located by SUNSHINE’S beach bar called “LIME IN THE COCONUT” Great T-shirts as well! The guys can try a “Killer Bee” while the girls can check out the shop!
Stop at the Nelson Springs BATH HOUSE and see how far you can wander into the therapeutic waters.
Montpelier Plantation 469-3462 Beautiful plantation Inn, enjoy a REAL OLD STYLE RUM PUNCH – IF YOU ARE NOT DRIVING!
The Hermitage is a favorite place to spend the night in Nevis 469-3477.
Golden Rock Plantation Inn - 469-3346 (we love their lobster sandwich for lunch) Make a reservation and ask for “Ricky’s” Gazebo Table.
Stop at Nesbit Plantation for a swim, walk to the far right side of the beach and try to balance off the coconut tree over the water….
Lots of fresh fruit stands around Nevis - be sure to stop and purchase fruit to take back to St Kitts to enjoy!
If you don’t want to take your car over, another alternative is to hop on the car ferry as “foot passengers” Approximately USD$15 PP R/T.
Walk to the GIN TRAP for lunch:http://thegintrapnevis.com. Great way to spend part of your day! Watch for turtles during the crossing!
Walk to Chrissy Beach for lunch and spend the day on the beach. http://www.chrishibeachclub.com
Nearby Restaurants

Reggae Beach Bar & Grill

762-5050 | 762-5051

Spice Mill
762-2160 | 469-6455

Christophe Harbour Dining

The Pavilion Restaurant

(869) 465-8304
Salt Plage - White House Bay - Best place for a sunset drink and tapas!
Live entertainment some evenings. Call Salt Plage for more information! 466-7221 Call after 2:00 PM.
The results are in and SALT Plage has been named one of the "Best Beachside Cafés" in the world by Condé Nast Traveler readers. The seaside lounge and sunset bar comes in at number 7 on the luxury travel publication's list of favorites. Drop by to see us at Whitehouse Bay for a visit and a sundowner soon!

Pepe’s Kiosk - Christophe Harbour Marina

OPEN DAILY 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
Drop by Peppe’s for a quick take-away sandwich or sit down for a Carib and a chat. The kiosk is open daily at the marina village from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. In addition to coffee, the kiosk also offers panini, salad, muffins, croissants, cakes, dips/olives – all house made at The Pavilion restaurant and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ship Wreck Beach Bar
- South Friars Bay Beach casual beach bar/sunsets
A laid back beach bar & Grill. LOVED by many locals, visitors and snow birds! About 10 minutes’ drive from the Farm Cottage.

Carambola Restaurant – Friars Bay Beach
465-9090 Nice Beach Lounge – on non-cruise ship days.

Marshall’s in Frigate Bay - consistently good food!

466-8245 reservations in winter.

ROCK LOBSTER in Frigate Bay at the bottom of the hill!
Great food, must have a reservation!!!

SPLASH at the Royal St Kitts Hotel in Frigate Bay - BEST PIZZA ON ST KITTS!
Great salads as well. 465-8651 Call for hours/reservations!

La Poinciana - Frigate Bay - Garden restaurant.


Rituals Sushi in Frigate Bay is also a pleasant open air dining experience!

Samurai Teppanyaki Restaurant
Discovery Beach Bar – Very casual
Owner: Mossi 767-9485

Carambola - 9090

Sprat Net - in Old Road fresh caught fish and lobster.
Also serve: Ribs/Chicken/Pizza. (40-minute drive from Cockleshell Beach - perhaps an early dinner after the zip line!) Live entertainment on Wednesdays. https://www.facebook.com/Sprat-Net-Bar-Grill-122539311164912/
Grocery Stores

Valu-Mart - IGA (with pharmacy in store)

Open daily 8am – 8 pm | Saturdays 8 am– 9:00 pm | Sundays 8 am – 5:00 PM
Wellington Road (869) 465-1600.
This location is closest to the airport. If you are picking up a rental car at the airport – take the roundabout into Basseterre and you will find this store on your left. About 3 minutes from the airport. Best place to purchase dairy, fresh milk, cheese, yogurt, sour cream etc. dry goods, cereals and biscuits.

Rams Supermarket Bird Rock (with Pharmacy next door)
Open Sunday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Bird Rock Road location 466-6065
Better for fresh vegetables, eggs, wine

RAMS Supermarket
(Frigate Bay location close to The Marriott Resort)
Open Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 p

Best Buy (Bird Rock location - with Deli)

Open Sunday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm -

In Frigate Bay you will find 2 very good wine stores:
- Corks & Screws Wine Store - 869-557-9715 or 466-9716
- Opus Fine Wines & Spirits - 869 466-9481
Bring your passport and airline itinerary with you for duty free prices.