2015 Hedge Fund General Counsel and Compliance Officer Summit
Material Deadline: September 11, 2015

If you have not already done so, please submit your biography and head shot for the website. In order to ensure accuracy, please submit your bio (250 words or less) in a Word document so that it can be copied into our master file. ***If we already have your bio from your participation in a previous event, we will gladly use what we have on file, however, you may want to contact me in order to ensure that what we have is the most up-to-date version of your information.

Hedge Fund Speaker Release

This release form is provided to you as a speaker. ALM would like to capture your presentation in audio and/or video format. To that end, we want to make certain that both you and ALM have the necessary rights and protections to continue to benefit from your presentation.

Please click on the link above, sign and send to Alexis Oustinoff aoustinoff@alm.com

In accordance with CLE requirements, a USB drive is handed out to each session attendee containing relevant, substantial documents specifically prepared for each CLE eligible session. These materials can be PowerPoints.  We must have at least one piece of material per session/group but please feel free to submit more.  

Please note that if any of the materials you submit are copyrighted (by anyone other than ALM), you must have the necessary permission for us to reprint them.  

PowerPoint (click here: Hedge Fund Slides)
The above slide template is provided for your convenience but is not required.  This helps if you are combining slides from multiple group members.

• It’s encouraged that each moderator or group leader submit their materials on/or before the deadline of, Friday September 11, 2015.  If your materials are submitted after the deadline, the conference team cannot guarantee that your materials will make it on the USB drive and the speakers will be responsible for bringing printed copies for all attendees at the speakers’ expense.  Please note: without these materials, your session will not be CLE eligible.

• Our CLE department must approve your materials for educational value before they go to print.  To speed up this process, please feel free to submit documents early so we can send them back if changes need to be made.  We can still use your materials if you presentation changes as long as the materials are still relevant, substantial documents relating to your session.

• Email all Materials to Alexis Oustinoff, at aoustinoff@alm.com
• Please ensure your email (including attachments) is no larger than 10MB in size or it will bounce back. If your materials are too large to email, please contact us and we can arrange an alternative method of submission.