Copenhagen 2021
Group Reservation for Copenhagen 2021

A good number of hotel rooms in more than 35 hotels are reserved for our guests in Copenhagen and Malmö. The rooms are generally available for 14-22 August, 2021.
If you wish to book more than 10 rooms and do not have all the guest names yet, please contact with your request.  In the e-mail you send, please include the information of the following:
  • name of the group
  • your preferred hotel choice
  • number of rooms
  • budget (per room per night) if you wish us to propose you other hotels than your own choice
  • if you need a meeting room in the hotel or not
  • any other specifications you would like us to know
The information you send me will help us to send you our proposals 
Payment and cancellation terms:
Please note that we require full pre-payment (by credit card or bank transfer) for the group booking. Cancellations or more than 10% room amount reductions must be made before May 10, 2021 in order to receive refund. An administration fee of €60 will be charged for any cancellations made.
For individual bookings or request with less than 10 rooms, please click one of the booking buttons at right to initiate the booking online.