2019 Orthodontics & OSA and ACAM Stem Cell Workshop

AIRWAY-kening® is a registered mark of William M Hang, DDS, MSD to signify the awakening of the dental profession to the importance of the airway. The dental profession should be, in Dr Hang’s opinion, the center of health care. There is nothing more important than breathing. A healthy airway which does not collapse or close causing snoring, UARS, SDB, or OSA is important for a child’s growth, brain development and facial balance and an adult’s overall health, brain function, and quality of life. AIRWAY-kening® Academy strives to help educate professionals on the importance of learning what may decrease someone’s airway and conversely what may increase someone’s airway. Particular emphasis is on proper rest oral posture and orthodontic techniques including Orthotropics® and re-opening extraction spaces. 

Space Maintainers Laboratories
Headquartered in Southern California with multiple locations throughout the US, Canada, Australia, Taiwan and Maylaysia, SML (Space Maintainers Laboratories) partners with more than 150,000 dentists and orthodontists worldwide. We provide access to everything a practice needs to ensure success - from custom fabricated appliances to treatment planning to products and supplies to diagnostics and 3D digital models. To learn more about our products and services, visit our website, call our toll free line or email info@smlglobal.com. 

Zyypah Sleep Certified
Treatment of Sleep Apnea is the most rapidly growing and the highest net profit treatment in dentistry today!
Sleep Certified is an online educational platform where we teach you, the local dentist, how to identify and treat patients that suffer from snoring and sleep apnea. Today we know that a dental practice will have 30% of their existing patients suffering from snoring or sleep apnea and they don’t even know it. Sleep Certified brings patients and dentists together. Our goal is to give sleep apnea patients quality care with a Sleep Certified dentist who is qualified to treat at the highest level. With the experience of owning 5 successful treatment centers exclusively treating sleep patients we show you how to do it, step by step from start to finish! Enrich your practice with benefits including online dental sleep education for the entire team, partnership discounts on home sleep testing & oral appliances, solutions for medical billing, peer to peer Forum and patient referral programs. We also supply all the necessary forms & documents to get started. Use our “Road Map to Success” to easily implement the treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea into your practice.

Kettenbach LP (Huntington Beach, CA) is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG (Eschenburg, Germany). Founded by August Kettenbach in 1944, Kettenbach GmbH was created for the development & marketing of medical & dental products. Today, the company is one of the leading international producers of dental impression materials, and is known in other surgical areas of medicine. Highly acclaimed brands include Panasil VPS Impression Material, Identium VSXE Impression Material, Futar Bite Material, Silginat Alternative Alginate, Visalys Temp & Core Material, Mucopren Resilient Liner, and Sugi Butterfly cellulose sponge material.

HindexRV is an FDA approved cutting-edge physiological monitoring system. The HindexRV system monitors the autonomic nervous system using accurate recordings of multiple physiological parameters and statistical data which the clinician can use to make a clinical assessment of medical, dental, or peak performance interventions.
Serving the dental industry since 1992, i-CAT™ is at the global forefront in the development and manufacturing of award-winning advanced dental and maxillofacial radiography products.
Praised by owners, esteemed educational organizations, and the dental community at large, i-CAT technology is regarded as the cone beam industry standard. i-CAT scanners and treatment-planning software continue to revolutionize the landscape of 3D radiography.

Sleep ArchiTx
SleepArchiTx™ has been uniquely created by key opinion leaders in the sleep medicine, diagnostic, orthodontic, general practitioner, dental lab and medical billing disciplines. SleepArchiTx™ is the only 360° service that you can trust to seamlessly enable your dental sleep practice.


Let the experts at Pristine Medical Billing turn your claims and reimbursement processes into a positive experience for your practice and your patients. With the Pristine Partnership, you will profit from the best team in the industry, providing detailed, patient-by-patient coaching and accurate reporting, resulting in your optimal success. Keep it clean...keep it Pristine.


SleepTest.com’s purpose is to minimize barriers to sleep testing, increase access to care, and save lives. Our mission is to advance the delivery of sleep medicine by providing an optimal patient experience through efficient, direct-to-patient, sleep testing and diagnoses. We are relentless in our efforts to exceed the expectations of our patients and clients, with the intention of decreasing the severity of sleep disordered breathing in the United States.
SleepTest.com sets the industry standard in reliable home sleep testing for at-risk, sleep patients. We make sleep testing simple for patients who appreciate evaluations in the comfort of their own beds and effortless for clients with our online HIPAA compliant portal. Our portal acts as a secure ecosystem between SleepTest.com and our clients, allowing for electronic patient referrals and easy to retrieve sleep test results.
SleepTest.com empathizes with the challenges of losing patients in the normal referral process. We have created solutions that keep our clients and their patients in the loop with real-time, automated, status notifications. Our clients enjoy unlimited patient referrals, diagnoses, letters of medical necessity, and recommendations for therapy from board-certified sleep physicians within 3-4 business days of receiving the sleep test device.