ROI Justification

Need more reasons to attend?

At only $949.00 / person for an early-bird registration, the conference registration fee is a small price to pay for all the value you will take away. But if you need some tips for additional ROI justification, consider the following:

  • Compare the cost of an outside or on-site consultant versus the minimal conference registration fee.
  • Think about the ways you can network with your peers, our business partners, KCS executives and staff, and determine how this can match up with current projects or issues your company is facing.
  • If you have attended previous conferences, document the company efficiencies or savings associated with what you learned.
  • Share the knowledge. Commit to sharing the information you learned with others at your company. Or better yet, bring them along so they can hear it for themselves!
  • Make contacts with resources that you can consult with after the conference is over.
A company's most valuable resource is its people. Your company will definitely reap the rewards for making the investment in you!