Financial Times - First Metro Philippines Investment Summit
20 May 2015 | Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila #FTPhilippines

The Philippines is one of East Asia’s fastest growing economies. The challenge is maintaining this strong growth and overall macroeconomic stability, particularly as the Philippines and other member-states make the transition to an integrated ASEAN community.

ASEAN integration aims to facilitate freer flows of trade and investment within the region, promising greater economic growth through increased foreign direct investment and higher productivity from corporates looking to expand into new markets and improving competitiveness. However, in some ASEAN countries, concerns remain regarding the implications of the tariff cuts, removal of trade barriers, and harmonisation of tax systems that are essential for a single market. Will member-states recognise the longer-term benefits of the ASEAN Economic Community? Are regional economies willing to implement the necessary changes in policy and regulation?

As the moves towards ASEAN integration continue, attracting investment from other ASEAN countries and also Western economies remains a key priority for the Philippines. To achieve this, policy-makers and business leaders need to confront challenges such as bank liberalisation, changes in consumer buying trends, and keeping pace with technological advances. How can the public and private sectors embrace market disruptors to maximise growth?

The second annual
Financial Times-First Metro Philippines Investment Summit will bring together international economists, senior government representatives, consultants, investors and business leaders, to assess how major regional and global trends are impacting the Philippines, including the implications of ASEAN integration and the nation’s role as APEC host.