myQaa, [my-ka] is the all-in-one cross device events app for all your organizing, engagement management and reporting needs troughout the life cycle of your event.

From the moment you create your event on our self-service online platform, an Event Timeline is automatically generated, all you have to do is start entering your operational information (floor plans, sessions schedules, etc).

You can change the data at any time through the planning, running and closure stages of your event, keeping it up to date with all the last minute changes. myQaa also gives your attendees all the networking opportunities you would expect from an events' smart phone app Q&A, voting...

myQaa gives a voice to all your attendees, anyone can ask a question or give an answer, in real-time, with you there to mediate.

Once your event is over, the time comes to prepare your reporting - myQaa takes the strain, providing you with instant metrics, creative infographics and all the tools you'll need to prepare your event report. Return on investment reporting has never been easier!


myQaa product presentation from myQaa on Vimeo.

Focus on a FRESH partner

Mobile apps for meetings are not yet "must haves" - even in the mobile phone industry.

In this interview, Richad Mitha, CEO of mobile app provider MyQQ, explains how he overcame initial resistance from one meeting planner; flexibility is the key.