Conferize is for the 100%... The 1% attending your conference, and the 99% who wish they could be there.

Conferize is an independent platform for conferences and professional events. We connect organizers with relevant delegates across the globe, before, during and after your event. Get smarter about building your audience, connecting people in valuable ways, leveraging your great content and measure your true impact.

Get smarter with Conferize

  • Sell your tickets to the right crowd, faster
  • Enable social networking and matchmaking and meet the right people
  • Engage both onsite and online attendees
  • Crowdsource and aggregate all the content and conversations in one place
  • Build your community of conference followers and attendees
  • Extend the lifecycle of your conference and engage your crowd year after year


Focus on a FRESH partner

A major challenge faced by owners of commercial meetings is how to make their meeting known to as many people as possible. Another is how to maximize revenues from on-line and on-demand attendance.

In this interview, Jon Schaffer, CEO of Conferize, explains how his company uses social media marketing to intermediate between meeting owners and over one million Conferize followers.