2017 Local Government & Public Sector Building Maintenance & Facility Management Conference

Scott Matthews is the Conference Convenor for this Conference.

 Scott has vast experience in convening technical infrastructure conferences and has over the last  decade convened more infrastructure conferences than any other person in Australia.  This has  included, amongst many others: six Local Government & Public Sector Building & Maintenance  Conference, four Energy & Water Efficients Public Sector Building Forums, seven Australian Small  Bridges Conferences, nine Australian Road Engineering and Maintenance Conferences, four AAPA  International Flexible Pavements Conferences. 

 Scott grew up in the house construction sector and worked in a wide range of roles for a family run  house building firm.  

Scott is a qualified professional engineer who has worked within the housing, building, road and construction industries for  four decades, including six years at VicRoads.  Scott has served on a number of Austroads and other technical committees and has been a contributing author to many construction guides and publications and Australian Standards.  

He has also presented papers at numerous infrastructure and other conferences, as well as having served on numerous organising committees including RILEM and The World Congress of the Council Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. 

His 16 years with the Cement and Concrete Association saw a close involvement with technical information, training and education at all levels including from labourers, trades  through to professionals.  This also included assisting in the development of training aids for underveloped countries and workforces which have later been used in the Pacific Region and Africa.

As his role revolved around the provision of technical information and advice to the design and construction industry at large. During this time Scott was also an invited Eminent Speaker to universities in Victoria, South Australia, NSW and WA. 

Scott was also Secretary of the Victoria Branch of the Concrete Institute of Australia which in that period conducted a number of Technical Seminars and Technical Evenings. 

Scott Matthews is currently the Managing Director of Leading Infrastructure Pty Ltd. Leading Infrastructure is a company dedicated to providing quality technical information on infrastructure.