2015 Environmental Compliance and Commitment Law Summit

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A century from now, historians will look back and see 2015 as the turning point. The moment when business and government leaders took bold climate action, and built strong economies that rely primarily on renewable energy and low carbon technology.

Today, the foundations of this new, low carbon future are already in place. Businesses and governments around the world are demonstrating that a healthy environment and a prosperous economy go hand-in-hand. And these innovative leaders from business and sub-national governments will come together this September, to showcase their transformational action and commitments at Climate Week NYC 2015. Using the high-profile international platform, they will leave national policymakers with no doubt that there is overwhelming demand for an ambitious global deal to be made at climate talks in Paris in December.

With UN discussions on the Sustainable Development Goals taking place during the same week in New York City, Climate Week NYC 2015 will also provide a complementary opportunity to highlight how climate action and low carbon growth will benefit today’s economy without compromising future generations.

Join us at Climate Week NYC 2015 from September 21-28, to meet the leaders of our new, low carbon economy.  
Climate Week NYC is presented by The Climate Group.

The Environmental Law Professionals Network was created to connect Danish counsel and lawyers from other countries with interest within the field of environmental law to exchange experiences across borders. To learn more or join the Network, visit it here.

SWEP is a national non-profit professional association of women involved or interested in environmental law, science, business, and policy. 

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