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May 14, 2015 | Conrad New York Hotel, New York #FTEnergyStrategies 

In its second edition, the Financial Times is proud to present the
 FT Energy Strategies Summit: Risk and Opportunity in a New Energy Era, taking place on May 14, 2015 in New York.

Volatility has returned to the global energy markets with oil prices falling to a four year low after a decade of relative stability. Global energy supply, meanwhile, is threatened by a toxic mix of declining production, lack of exploration success, a host of geopolitical hazards and lower capital spending on major energy projects. Whilst much hope has been invested in the US unconventional boom as a key source of future production to moderate prices and a potential supply shortfall, questions are now being raised about the sustainability of the US energy transformation in today’s low oil price environment. Is the current pessimism justified? Can the US shale pioneers ride out the current pricing storm? What are the potential trouble spots in the international markets? What role could clean energy play in alleviating supply constraints?

This year’s event focuses on the economic, trade and geopolitical implications of potential crude oil exports from the US and the risks for global energy security of a tumbling oil price and placing too much hope on a new energy abundance from the US shale boom. The Summit will also focus on the implications of growing disinvestment from fossil fuels, and the shift for the relative balance of fossil fuels vs. clean energy in the country’s energy mix. How sustainable is the US shale transformation? What is the likely fallout of current market volatility for energy producers, consumers, traders and financiers?

With its focus not just on the revolution brought about by the new US shale energy abundance, but also how this interacts with ‘America’s second revolution’ in renewables, the Summit provides an all-embracing picture of the likely shape of the US energy market, and the implications for global energy markets in the years ahead.

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