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DEMO Spring 2006
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Consumer Software
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Accomplice™’s patent-pending software gives you one easy place to see and manage what’s on your plate, what each person on your team is up to, and what you’re trying to achieve. The product combines a “smart” task list and cross-linked notebook, plugged into a peer-to-peer network. It works how you work and integrates with MS-Outlook (for example, turns e-mails into shareable, trackable activities) and PDAs. Accomplice™ Software: drop no balls, accomplish your goals, sleep better at night.
Funding Round
Funding Details
Angel funded. Now raising Series A.
Accomplice addresses a rapidly emerging “white space” between trivial to-do list utilities and heavy, complex project systems. Accomplice has uniquely recognized that such a solution must shine at the individual level to work at the team level. The closest competitors include 37 Signals’ Basecamp, ActionBase and Franklin Covey Plan Plus.
Market Opportunity
Gartner predicts corporate performance management will grow 26% per year to more than $5 billion in 2009, and further, that guerrilla knowledge management by 2008 will become the predominant channel for information sharing and collaboration. Within these markets, Accomplice™ Software addresses a recognized pain shared pervasively by more than 75 million white-collar professionals.

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2479 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 709
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