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CSCMP’s EDGE Tracks will deliver over 100 educational sessions across two days! Each track is developed and delivered by our volunteer Track Chairs who have high-level experience in supply chain management and are dedicated to the mission of CSCMP. Specific session information will be available June 1.

Track 1: 2018 Supply Chain Innovation of the Year Award

A live competition in which a panel of judges joins conference attendees to hear presentations on innovative solutions and results from top players in the supply chain.

Track 2: C-Level Discussion Forums

Express your opinions, share ideas, ask questions, compare experiences, and learn from your colleagues when you participate in these interactive discussion sessions. Led by a moderator, each session will have a limited number of participants who will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their insights on issues affecting today’s global supply chain. Limited seating available!

Track 3: Current Research and Surveys

Gain an in-depth understanding of the hot-button topics, challenges, and trends impacting your supply chain operations and the supply chain at large with updates on global research and trend studies.

Track 4: CSCMP Showcase Series

NEW! Join CSCMP members and staff to gain insights on how to use your membership to upgrade your career and discover (or rediscover) all of CSCMP’s many opportunities that can give you a competitive advantage now and in the future. Starting with an overview of all of the member benefits available to you at your fingertips, you’ll also talk face to face with CSCMP committee and board members who have used their membership to advance their career. You’ll also hear from SCPro™ recipients who will reveal the ins and outs of certification and how you can take the next step.

Track 5: Finance and Supply Chain Planning

Financial performance is directly impacted by supply chain operations. Increase your knowledge and gain insights on how to successfully align supply chain planning and design efforts to key financial metrics in your organization.

Track 6: Global Supply Chain

Supply chains have globalized dramatically over the last decade. In today’s world, companies are faced with challenges such as increased volatility and risk in international markets and supply, lack of end to end visibility in global supply chains, increased regulatory and security requirements, the upcoming Brexit and trade agreements.

How will this impact global supply chains? Are today’s supply chains geared for the future?

This track focusses on creating an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of global supply chains from both a go to market as well as a supply perspective, incorporating global end to end visibility, dealing with cultural diversity, trade compliance, regulatory and taxation aspects.

Track 7: Government and Regulations

This track will explore the touch points between government and industry – from a supplier to customer perspective as well as from the regulatory oversight point of view. The sessions will discuss where the federal government is taking us and highlight the implications for the global supply chain. Sessions will also touch on the issue of supply chain risk management and its linkage to government and regulation.

Track 8: Integrated Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is comprised of many parts all striving to come together in synchronized harmony to deliver exceptional results to the customer. In today’s lightning speed environment, communication at all levels of the supply chain is key. Come to the Integrated Supply Chain Management track to learn how companies are utilizing technology and implementing processes to optimize their supply chain and create value.

Track 9: Manufacturing and Service Operations

This track discusses the advantages and disadvantages of centralizing supply chain in a multi-national company. In addition, it will cover the creation of a cross-functional team to transform logistics into a center led organization – with rationalization and reduction of the supply base. It will also examine the pros and cons of supply chain getting a seat at the “C” suite and the impact it would have on the financials, business strategy, and performance.

Track 10: Order Fulfillment and Customer Service

Explore the rapidly evolving landscape of methodologies utilized by consumer product companies, wholesalers, retailers, and e-commerce to enhance distribution channels to efficiently reach customers in continually expanding markets and provide services tailored to address consumer preferences. This track will address the increasing role of technology systems and data analytics in order fulfillment and customer service as well as innovative strategies for maximizing efficiencies in distribution relationships including creative solutions for last mile deliveries and related performance metrics.

Track 11-13: Sponsor Presentation Series I, II, III

CSCMP partners with our EDGE sponsors to offer a presentation that focuses on the world-class products and services they offer. Although the series does not follow CSCMP’s traditional non-commercial educational guidelines, these sessions will provide you with the opportunity to explore the many solutions that will be offered.

Track 14-15: Supply Chain Exchange Series I, II

These educational sessions provide you with a 360-degree view of modern and future supply chain innovation offered by leading companies and solution providers.

Track 16: Supply Management and Procurement

The supply management and procurement landscape are experiencing a transformation. This track will explore and offer emerging, enabling, and disruptive strategies and concepts in the space to enhance the current business industry environment.

Track 17: Talent and Supply Chain Excellence

A great plan is nothing without great people to execute it. Major project coming up? Building a new team? Restructuring your division? You won’t want to miss this track. In our sessions, you’ll learn best practices regarding recruiting, developing, and retaining talent as well as how companies have leveraged their talent to implement and execute best in class supply chains solutions.

Track 18: Technology Solutions

Supply chains need to be built for speed and efficiency in today’s hyper-connected world. Technological advancements within the industry are meeting external spill-over effects and driving innovation within today’s supply chains. This track will explore the application of disruptive technology solutions that are creating the supply chains of the future.

Track 19: Transportation and Logistics

The track is focused on the efficient and effective movement of goods in domestic and international markets and educating the supply chain professionals on the impact of transportation on their supply chains. The primary objectives are:

  • Provide analysis and recommendations for navigating the current volatile transportation marketplace.
  • Showcase new ideas, and leaders in the field of logistics and transport.
  • Provide shipper perspectives on new technologies and how they are incorporating them into their daily operation.

Track 20: Warehousing

The warehousing track will introduce practical ideas to improve warehouse operations and show you how to position warehousing within the larger field of supply chain management.