COCIR 2015


This COCIR 2nd eHealth Summit offers the unique opportunity to:

  • Meet all key stakeholders (hospital, primary, community, social care, patients ) to understand population needs and deliver integrated care for those who would benefit most.
  • Discuss required paradigm shift in policy actions and current barriers for an effective and scalable deployment of Integrated Care.
  • Kick off mutually beneficial dialogues with the Health ICT industry and understand how eHealth can enable care collaboration and help deploy shared care workflows, disease management and population health platforms.
  • Build a bridge between European and national, regional and local decision-makers.
  • Learn more from best practices in Regions and Member States.


Speakers and attendance will include but will not be limited to:

  • European Commission
  • Members of the European Parliament
  • Members of the eHealth Network
  • Key representatives of EU Member States engaged in eHealth deployment in their countries
  • EU Permanent Representations in Brussels
  • Key decision makers in Health ICT investment at country and regional levels
  • Healthcare providers and other key professionals
  • Patient representatives
  • Scientific community
  • Industry including SMEs and national trade associations active in eHealth