Canada Corroboree 2019

Changes to Collateral Distribution

n the past, Destination Canada has covered the costs of shipping all collateral around Australia at great expense. With the introduction and the success of the Corroboree online platform we strongly encourage all partners to look at their collateral requirements upload as much as possible to the online platform to keep your shipping costs down and maybe just look to bring flat sheets/flyers with you.

Should you still wish to pre-send collateral Destination Canada will cover the Australian shipping costs of one (1) box (up to 10kgs) per Canadian based partner per city, so four (4) in total. Any more boxes will result in a $100 per box per city charge to help us cover the delivery costs.

Our Australian based Canadian partners and Australian wholesalers must cover their own shipping costs for the event. Venue delivery labels are supplied below. You will still need to send collateral to TIFS, if it isn’t there already. Your material will be added to the Destination Canada event pallet and shipped as one shipment from Sydney with TIFS invoicing you directly for your share.

Our Australian wholesalers may utilise their state based reps to bring collateral to the event.

Alternatively for those of you shipping from Canada you may also choose to ship directly to each hotel rather than sending it to TIFS. Please note that venues will not accept deliveries more than 1-2 days prior to the event.

Please remember, there is no storage for collateral during or after the event and any leftovers will be disposed of.

Please organise quantities of brochures and materials based on the following agent numbers (below are the 2017 registered attendee figures):

Brisbane 225
Melbourne 190
Adelaide (2016) 102
Sydney 200


TIFS Warehouse 1B
35 Stennett Road
Ingleburn NSW 2565

Due to this chage TIFS have extended the deadline for sending items to their warehouse to Monday 17th December. 

Delivery Labels for download by clicking on the links below - must be attached to all boxes sent to TIFS

Hilton Brisbane
Park Hyatt Melbourne
Adelaide Oval Adelaide
Sofitel Sydney

Please ensure your shipment arrives at TIFS Warehouse no later than 
Monday 17th December 2018. Once received at TIFS you will be notified by Nathan McLoughlin at Destination Canada.

TIFS will on ship your individually addressed boxes to the correct city venue.

When Shipping Internationally, we recommend mailing items Airfreight or Express Post to ensure arrival. You will need to specify that the parcels are “Door to Door.” Additionally, please list the items to be “free domicile with no commercial value,” otherwise you will be invoiced for the costs incurred upon receipt in Australia.

Once Sent:

Once you have organised the shipment of your brochures can you please send an email to Nathan Mcloughlin including:

- Date that brochures were sent
- Confirmation number from shipping order
- Itemise and name all brochures sent
- The number of brochures you sent (itemised for each show)
- Expected arrival date

This way we will know to keep an eye out for the brochures - once your shipment arrives at TIFS we will notify you via email.

NB: As per previous years, we will no longer ship leftover brochures back to TIFS on your behalf. Therefore only send the amount of brochures needed for each event as any leftover brochures will be disposed off.