CES - SCÉ 2019

Greening the Conference

Evaluating our Greening Efforts

The CES Sustainability Working Group has developed a rubric which proposes a range of greening actions and standardizes reporting against those actions. This rubric can be used to assess and communicate the impact of our greening efforts, as well as benchmark improvements and provide lessons for future conferences.

Because the annual conference is CES’s largest and most resource-consumptive event, we are working to green c2019. The scope of conference greening includes: venue, hotel, transportation, activities, communications, and engagement.

For example, did you know that c2019 will be Bullfrog Powered? This means that @bullfrogpower’s generators will put 100% green power into the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity the event uses!

Our choice of venue will also contribute to a Greener Conference: Westin Eco Green Initiative Program!

Along with conference organizers’ efforts, you too can help green the conference: 

·       Travel Green. c2019 is being held at the Westin Nova Scotian, which is directly attached to the VIA Rail and Maritime Bus station, which also operates a shuttle from the airport!  

o   Train travel reduces your carbon footprint by fourfold compared to driving and up to 90% compared to flying. Take advantage of our conference fare on train travel for 10% off.  

§ For example, you can step on the train in Montreal or Quebec City and step off beside the conference hotel!

o   If you are driving, or wish to drive with someone, why not share a ride to reduce emissions? There are a number of carpooling/ridesharing websites you can check out: CarpoolWorld, Poparide, and Kangaride…or find a rideshare on Kijiji.

o   If flying is the only option for you to reach Halifax, carbon offsets can be purchased with your conference registration.  Use the Less.ca calculator to estimate the carbon footprint and cost to offset for your flight.

·       Stay Green. Avoid travel between the conference and your hotel by staying onsite our conference rate, and take part in the Westin’s Eco Green Initiative Program.

o   Take sustainability one step further and opt out of your daily newspaper. We suggest accessing news through digital formats instead!

·       Read Green. Use the c2019 conference app (link coming soon) and online program to reduce printing and paper.

·       Drink Green. Bring those reusable mugs and water bottles. Together we can reduce conference waste!  

o   Check out local craft beverages on tap instead of buying single-serving bottles.  Visit Laughing Whale or other local roasters at the Seaport Farmers’ Market who are committed to ethical and sustainable coffee production.

Eating Less Meat, More Plants Helps the Environment

Eating meat, especially beef and pork, has a large impact on the environment by fueling climate change, reducing biodiversity, and polluting landscapes and waterways. Did you know the livestock sector generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as all cars, trucks and automobiles combined?

·       Eat Green.  Reduce your meat consumption and choose sustainably sourced ingredients.  c2019 catering is from the Westin’s excellent culinary team, which sources organic, local and/or seasonal products from the adjacent Seaport Farmers’ Market, where delegates are invited to enjoy additional sustainable food choices at the c2019 Kitchen Party event.

·       Move Green. Hike, rent a bike or use Metro Transit bus or ferry service to explore downtown Halifax and Dartmouth.

·       Talk Green.  Tweet your green actions at #evalc2019 to inspire others!  

·       Act Green. Use recycling containers at the Westin and around Halifax. Save energy by turning out the lights in your room and conference rooms when not in use, and lower the temperature when you are not in your room. Reuse the towels and bed linens in your room rather than replacing them daily.