2014 Building the Billion Dollar Business

Building the Billion Dollar Business Program Benefits

The ClientWise program Building the Billion Dollar Business was created to turn multi-million dollar teams into billion dollar businesses. It brings the highest level of strategic thinking in coaching and financial services together to help incredibly successful advisors advance even further.

This comprehensive program is designed to break down your practice and provide you with everything you need in order to transition from being a 100 million dollar producer to running a billion dollar business. You’ll increase your production and learn how to unlock the power of shared responsibility for rainmaking results.

Transition your focus from practice management to business management and build a truly scalable and sustainable business. As part of this workshop, you’ll have access to:

A sought-after speaker, Ray Sclafani, and a seasoned expert in partnering with top performing advisors
  • Ray is an industry leader and one of the most valued speakers at industry leading conferences
  • Ray has spoken at numerous top industry conferences on business and team development
  • Ray has intimate knowledge of coaching and industry techniques that are most effective at this level of production

Take a closer look at your business:  The Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™ and Debrief (Boston event only):

  • Our Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™ measures your business against top performing advisors to uncover specific tactics to achieve your goals.
  • The BAR™ provides knowledge of exactly how leading financial advisory teams run their businesses, with targeted metrics for structure and goal-setting.
  • The analysis generated from your BAR™ includes a customized 45-50 page report detailing how to structure your business management at a high-producing level.
  • The personalized debrief gives you the opportunity to implement targeted insights immediately into your practice.  


Insights into Top Advisory Teams:  What the Best in the Business Don’t Want you to Know™

  • Includes valuable research and insights from top-ranked advisors and teams across the nation.
  • Breaks down proprietary statistics from a study of 120 Barron’s-ranked advisors who participated in an in-depth analysis of their businesses.
  • Provides ACTIONABLE approaches to implementing these findings in your business.


Building an Interdependent Team:  Moving from Lone Ranger to Leader™

  • Learn the proper organizational structure, human capital and professional development plan for the growth of your business
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your team through the lens of a true CEO and leader
  • Design a 90-day action plan and create your team’s personalized next steps for achieving Total Team Leadership™
  • Evaluate the human capital you need in place to achieve your sustainable vision through scalability and teamwork


Building the Billion Dollar Brand:  You’ve Been Framed™ and The ClientWise Conversation™

  • Learn the crucial questions financial professionals should ask their teams and their clients in order to build the brand they want to project
  • Map out specific next steps re-engage clients and prospective clients with this image in mind
  • Begin Building Loyal Client Advocates™ and Professional Advocates who understand this vision and have worked with your team at their most exemplary representation of it

Building a 90-Day Plan:  The Seven Part Road Map for Practice Management Growth™

  • Our Professional Advisory Model™ provides you with a road map for practice management that covers all the areas of growth to create a billion dollar business
  • By the end of the full day workshop, every advisor will have created their own 90-Day plan in these key areas
  • Our BAR™ debrief, membership to the ClientWise eXchange™, and access to our three webinars will keep you accountable to this plan in the months following the workshop.