2014 Advisor Network Summit

Advisor Network Summit Speaker Interviews

An Interview with Rebecca True of True Capital Advisors

The majority of your practice is made up of women. How did that come about? Was that by design or did it evolve over time?

When I first set out to become a financial advisor, helping women get organized and proactive about managing their money was my primary reason for pursuing a career in this industry. Thankfully my business over the years has evolved to include working with some very thoughtful, passionate, and inspiring women and their families so it turns out it was a good idea. I lived in New York City during 9/11 and I was profoundly impacted by the stories I saw close up all around me in the months that followed of women who had delegated their household’s financial responsibility and wealth management to their husbands. These women had absolutely no idea what to do financially speaking when tragedy struck.

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An Interview with Brandon Steurke of Golden Financial Group and Creator of Automated Advisor

In lead generation, what is the difference for you in an advisor who is a jack-of-all-trades guy who does it all on his own and one who builds leads through strategic alliances?

There is absolutely no quicker or more effective way to generate a large number of qualified leads than through strategic alliances. The goal of any marketing campaign is to identify an niche of qualified prospects, prospects that have a need, see you as the expert, and have enough trust in you to sit down for an initial conversation (appointment). The goal of cold advertising like direct mail, radio, t.v. and others is to identify prospects with a need but these types of marketing make it very hard to accomplish the other objectives.

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An Interview with Jim Brogan of Brogan Financial

We hear the term “trusted advisor” from all kinds of sources. What does being a “trusted advisor” mean to you?

Becoming a “trusted advisor” in the eyes of our clients is something I think everyone strives for in our industry. I believe very strongly, however, that trust is something an advisor earns over time through his or her actions. Anyone can say they are “trusted”, but only the best truly build trust in a client relationship. I believe there are two keys to becoming a trusted advisor.

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An Interview with Mark Pruitt of Strategic Estate Planning Services, Inc.

To you, what does it mean to match the right product with the right client?

It means listening to the client carefully, understanding their current needs now, their needs later and their needs at the death of the first spouse if that has not occured already. If agents will focus on the need of the client then finding the solution to their need is much easier, but in order to find that solution you must undertand how different products work. The great thing about what we do is we can custom fit a client with the right solution because we have so many choices as agents. The problem I find in reviewing new clients is that the current product many times does not fit the client in many cases and that makes for a unsuitiable solution and a unhappy client at times...  

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