CFBF 99th Annual Meeting

California Farm Bureau's 99th Annual Meeting

December 3-6, 2017

Hyatt Regency Orange County

Ninety-nine years … where did they all go? As we gather in Garden Grove Dec. 3-6 to celebrate the California Farm Bureau’s 99th Annual Meeting of members, we will certainly have a lot to talk about and a lot for which to be thankful.

2017 has been one for the record booksfor the good, the bad and the potential it brought forth. The unexpected Trump presidency has certainly created a lot of discussion, trepidation and optimismall rolled into one. The hope of regulatory and tax reductions, ESA and immigration reform and infrastructure investments, especially for water storage, all hinge on the president’s ability to engage Congress on these and other issues. Time is growing short for real improvements at the federal level, because another election year will soon be upon us, and with it the excuse for not getting anything done.

As the political drama played out on the national scene since we met in Monterey last year, untold prayers were answered with the atmospheric river that inundated our state. In a flash, we went from the widespread devastation of drought to the calamity of flooding and threat of dam failures. Both had direct impacts on our farms and ranchesand were due in part to the failure of elected leaders to arrive at consensus on critical issues, thus allowing unrestrained regulatory agencies to carry out their agendas. The lack of reasonable water management and decades of failed investment in infrastructure maintenance and improvements that created a drier drought also resulted in flooding that could have been reduced or prevented.

One very important compromise that did occur in the last days of 2016 was the passage of the Water Infrastructure Improvement for the Nation Act (WIIN Act), which allowed for more water to be moved into San Luis Reservoir, the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. The passage of this bill brought an example of the benefits of good negotiations and the ability to compromise, so something positive can get done.

With the boomerang effect of the Trump presidency here in California, our commitment to advocating on behalf of agriculture has never been more important. It is critical that our county Farm Bureau leaders be involvedand there’s no better way than to attend the CFBF Annual Meeting. With this year’s meeting, we will usher in new leadership with the election of CFBF officers and board, who will help guide our organization into its second century of agricultural advocacy.

We must Seize the Day: The Time is Now! I look forward to seeing you in beautiful Garden Grove this December.