CFBF 99th Annual Meeting
Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions will cover a variety of subjects featuring agricultural leaders and focusing on the latest information on subjects including rural crime and safety, membership, current agricultural research and other important issues affecting members.

East San Joaquin Draft Order – How the State Water Board’s New Statewide Water Quality Regulations Will Change the Future and Affect Me

The State Water Resources Control Board is revising the irrigated lands regulatory program General Order for the East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition area to include fundamental new requirements related to nitrogen applications, water quality monitoring, and reporting.  Resulting requirements would inevitably lead to increased costs and state regulatory fees.  The state water board’s changes will set precedents and will apply statewide, impacting all irrigated agriculture in California, meaning that all regional water boards will need to update or develop General Orders to comply with the state board’s revisions. This breakout session will explore these changes and how they will impact your farming operation, no matter where you farm in the state. 

Western Resources Legal Center — Modoc County Wild Horse, Point Reyes Grazing, BEH Allotments and Forest Planning Conference
Join a discussion of legal strategies to defend farmers, ranchers, timber harvesters and other resource users in the West.  From forest planning to public lands grazing to wild horse management, WRLC is working to protect the interests of resources users.

Cannabis — How to Work with Local Government on Cultivating and Manufacturing Issues
Learn about the current regulatory system for cannabis at the state level. Discuss important considerations as your local governments navigate the process of permit-ting cannabis cultivation and manufacturing, and how you and your county Farm Bureau can engage in 
the process.

Telling Your Story Via Social Media
In agriculture, we are constantly told to tell our story, but that’s sometimes easier said than done. Often, people are confused by what it means to “tell your story.” This session covers ways to make your stories interesting to the listener, as well as some strategies for making agriculture relatable to the general public.

Environmental Justice – Understanding the Environmental Justice Community and Its Objectives
Environmental justice is defined as the fair treatment and involvement of all people, regardless of race, color, national origin or income, with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regula-tions and policies, including air quality, energy and water. This session provides an opportunity to address EJ goals and objectives as they become an increasingly larger part of regulatory decisions that will impact agricultural communities. If there is common ground that can be pursued, how would this conversation begin?

Forestry Workshop: Prescribed Burn by Cal Fire and a Forest Plan Update

Come hear from Cal Fire about its prescribed burn program and learn about how you can work with them to implement prescribed burning on your property.

Water Sharing: What Are the Ramifications for Your Water Rights?
The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act requires local groundwater basins to be managed sustainably.  For some areas of California, this means that less groundwater will be pumped in the future.  As local agencies grapple with how to meet state requirements in a way that is fair and efficient, many are looking to groundwater trading or markets.  This breakout session will explore various groundwater market concepts and discuss what issues farmers should consider as local agencies talk about trad-ing the ability to pump groundwater.

Land As Your Legacy – Financial Planning for the Next Generation
The Nationwide Insurance Land as Your Legacy program helps provide security to families engaged in the agricultural community, so that the land and businesses that you have worked for generations will be preserved and remain a legacy for generations to come.

Commodity Caucuses
Farmers and ranchers who wish to meet by commodity may participate in an informal networking and discussion forum. Sit down with like-minded producers from across the state to discuss the issues you face, share information and learn from one another. CFBF staff will be on hand to answer questions that may arise during the discussions.