2016 AmSAT Annual Conference and General Meeting
Malcolm Balk
Malcolm Balk lives, runs and works in Montreal, Canada. He is a Level 4 middle distance coach and a competitive Masters runner, finishing 2nd in the 2015 Canadian Cross Country Championships. His workshops emphasize the importance of ease of movement and his ultimate goal is to help participants improve their running form, reduce the risk of injury and increase their enjoyment of running. He is co-author of the bestselling book ‘Master the Art of Running’ with the Alexander Technique
John Baron
John has a creative arts and business background. He was a professional actor for ten years working in theater, film and television in England, Scotland and Europe. It was during these years that John became acquainted with the Alexander Technique. In 1982 he was persuaded by Misha Magidov, to enroll in the three-year Teacher Training Program. In February 1986, John moved to Rome, Italy to establish a private practice teaching the Alexander Technique. Within six months, he had established a full practice working with musicians, chronic pain patients and people from all walks of life. John led many workshops in Italy, Germany and England during his “European” period of teaching the Technique. In 1992, John moved to the Bay Area, established his private practice in Sausalito, and became a Director of The Alexander Educational Center. Since then he has worked with a wide range of organizations including: Cal State Hayward, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, the San Francisco Ballet, the Esalen Institute, the Sundance Institute, Google Inc., the annual Malibu Alexander Retreat and the San Francisco Opera. In his practice, John has collaborated with many health care professionals and also specializes in work with performing artists.
Carol Boggs
Carol Boggs, M.AmSAT has had a private practice teaching the AT since 1980. Having completed the 2013/14 year as Chair of AmSAT’s Board of Directors, she is turning her attention to pursuing a long standing awareness of a need for AT teacher competency assessment. At the 2013 ACGM she joined with Ann Rodiger and Ed Bouchard in presenting the round table discussion/workshop, “Qualitative Standards Co-Existing with Quantitative Requirements”. This workshop was followed by an AT Competency Conference in NYC, March 2014, as well as additional AT Teacher Competency Assessment workshop at the 2014 and 2015 ACGMs.
Ed Bouchard
Ed has over 30 years’ experience teaching private, individual AT lessons, group AT classes, and academic classes in learning how to use the moving body effectively in all manner of tasks. Ed is also a science writer and a musician. He is an author and editor of books on the Alexander Technique, cognitive strategy learning theory and practice, and psychophysical measurement. Currently, he is writing a biography of Ben Wright, a University of Chicago scientist. He plays accordion in Klezmer, Brazilian, and Gypsy jazz ensembles. With long-standing interest in intersections between art and science, Ed finds Alexander lessons help us navigate move and perform with greater ease, mastery, without pain — and contributes to creativity and expressiveness. Ed is a co-founder of the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). He earned an Alexander teacher certification under the direction of Goddard Binkley, and an MPH Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was a recipient of a NIOSH Fellowship in Health and Safety.
Robert Britton
Robert Britton graduated as an Alexander Technique teacher in 1978. In addition to his private practice in San Francisco, he has taught the Alexander Technique to musicians at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music since 1984. He has helped train Alexander Technique teachers since 1989, and currently trains Alexander teachers at the Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley. Bob regularly gives workshops around the World to Alexander Technique teachers. He was awarded the George S. Sarlo award for Excellence in Teaching in Colleges and Universities in Northern California in 2012, and is currently serving as the Department Chairman of “The Complete Musician” Department at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
Rose Bronec
Rose Bronec is founder of Alexander Technique Urbana (1999). She has taught the Technique since 1980 when she qualified at the Chicago Center for the Alexander Technique. She taught in Chicago, West Palm Beach, and for many years in Urbana. Rose co-directed teacher training and assisted teacher refreshers at the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique under Joan and Alex Murray, between 1996-2006.
Tim Cacciatore
Dr. Cacciatore has published studies on postural tone, movement control, and the Alexander Technique in peer-reviewed journals and is an honorary senior research associate at the Institute of Neurology, University College London.
Rick Carbaugh
Rick Carbaugh is Co-Director of Alexander Technique Urbana. He graduated in 1994 from the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique under directors Joan and Alex Murray. He assisted at UCAT until 1999 when ATU was founded.
Lyn Charlsen Klein
Lyn Charlsen Klein has a B.A. in English from UCLA where she also studied for a Masters Degree in Dance. She was certified to teach the Alexander Technique in 1977, training with Frank Ottiwell and Giora Pinkas at the American Center for the Alexander Technique (A.C.A.T.) in San Francisco. Lyn is currently a Co-Director and Head of Training at ATI-LA. She taught the Alexander Technique at the USC School of Theater from 1980 to 1995 and for the California State University at Los Angeles from 1989 to 1999. Lyn has given lecture/demonstrations and conducted courses for Alexander training programs and the general public in the U.S. and abroad. She has a private practice in Santa Monica and Van Nuys, California.
Rajal Cohen
Rajal Cohen, M.AmSAT, Ph.D., has been wrestling with the mind-body problem for 25 years. She is an Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho, where she teaches, conducts research, and supervises graduate students in psychology, human factors, and neuroscience. She has published more than 25 peer-reviewed articles and chapters exploring the interconnections among thought, posture, brain, and movement. For more information, see www.RajalCohen.com.
Pedro de Alcantara
Pedro de Alcantara is a musician and writer who has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1986. His books include "Integrated Practice: Coordination, Rhythm & Sound" and "Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide to the Alexander Technique," published by Oxford University Press, and the children’s novels Befiddled and Backtracked, published by Random House. His most recent music project is “Don’t Look Back: Songs of Orpheus,” a cycle of compositions inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Pedro lives in Paris and travels the world.
Mary Derbyshire
My first exposure to the Technique came when I was 20 years old, studying theatre in London. Self conscious and nervous, I often times felt un-coordinated and ill at ease. The Technique taught me how to be more confident and clear thinking. While pursuing my acting career I began to experience acute neck and back pain. I returned to the Technique and immediately found relief. It was at this point that I decided to become a teacher. I started my training with Tommy Thompson in Cambridge, Ma, and completed my training with Beth Stein in Chicago, Il. I have had active practices in Chicago, Dublin, Ireland and now Little Compton, RI.
Alexander Farkas
Alexander Farkas is a musician with extensive experience in collaborative performance with both instrumental and vocal artists. Currently on the faculty of the Conservatory of Music, Bard College, Alex has also taught at Yale, the University of Hartford (CT) and is a frequent guest teacher at Alexander training courses in the UK and Europe. He also maintains a teaching studio in New York City.
Suzanne Faulkner
Suzanne has been practicing yoga since 1990, and hopes to be practicing at least another few decades. Her priorities go like this….husband, chihuahuas, yoga, Alexander Technique not necessarily in that order.
Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca “Becca” Ferguson, M.AmSAT, graduated from Alexander Technique Urbana directed by Rose Bronec. She has studied the Alexander Technique world-wide, including Peter Grunwald’s eyebody retreats in New Zealand. Becca teaches in Chicago, Urbana/Champaign and elsewhere. Areas of specialty include: addiction; trauma; “Sitting Disease”, cancer survivor and patient wellness; balance; and bone health. Becca teaches customized programs she’s developed with the Alexander Technique, including: Mindful Recovery Practices (MRP); Mindful Ergonomics (ME) for “Sitting Disease”; and Alexander Technique for Cancer Survivors & Patients (ATCSP). Becca teaches classes and workshops in hospital settings, drug /alcohol treatment and related Behavioral Health and “alternative sentencing programs.” She is a guest lecturer on addiction and recovery at the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign. Certified as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator, Becca teaches Alexander Technique-based Mindful Labyrinth Walking workshops for issues such as poor balance, addiction, trauma and anxiety. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Becca’s artwork is in US corporate and private collections. Prior experience includes high tech marketing communications and training for start-up companies and corporations, publishers and utilities, including Simon & Schuster and Pacific Bell.
Lisa First
Lisa First is an AmSAT Certified instructor currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She maintains a private practice teaching groups and individuals nationally and abroad. Lisa has been active since 1990 introducing the Alexander Technique in Russia and has brought 15 Alexander Technique teachers to Russia through Link Vostok East/West International Arts Exchange, a nonprofit she founded in 1993.
Penelope Freeh

Penelope Freeh is a two-time McKnight Artist Fellow for Choreographers and a SAGE Awardee for Outstanding Performer. She has been commissioned by: James Sewell Ballet, MN Ballet, Gem City Ballet, MN Orchestra, the Walker Art Center/Southern Theater’s Momentum, and Russia’s Link Vostok Dance Festival among others. She has created several works with composer Jocelyn Hagen including Test Pilot, their chamber dance opera that won a SAGE for Outstanding Design and will tour MN in the fall. Penelope danced for James Sewell Ballet for seventeen years, serving as Artistic Associate from 2007 – 11. She teaches at the University of MN and Zenon.

Caitlin Freeman
Caitlin Freeman, M.AmSAT is a professional autism service provider. In her private practice in Pittsburgh, PA, Caitlin uses the Alexander Technique to work with children, teens, and adults on the autism spectrum. Caitlin has been a featured speaker at the Autism Society of America and other autism support organizations, where she has presented the Alexander Technique as a method of sensory integration for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This past August, Caitlin presented her work at the 10th Alexander Technique International Congress in Limerick, Ireland. Caitlin is also a faculty member in the Theatre Department at Point Park University’s Conservatory of Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, where she teaches the Alexander Technique. Caitlin received her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in vocal performance and theatre arts, and graduated from the Alexander Technique School New England (ATSNE), directed by Missy Vineyard. Caitlin’s specialty is using the Alexander Technique, voice training, and theatre coaching to work with individuals on the autism spectrum.
Joan Frost
Joan Frost has been involved in the field of movement for over 40 years, having received her B.A. in Dance from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 1975 and her certificate to teach the Alexander Technique from The American Center for the Alexander Technique, New York City, in 1983. Joan has been training teachers at ACAT since 1984 and was Director of Teacher Certification from 2001-2008. Joan has taught the Technique in the Dance and Drama Divisions of The Juilliard School, at The New School, and at Sarah Lawrence College. She maintains a private practice in New York and in Connecticut.
Sydney Harris
Sydney Laurel Harris, B.A., M.AmSAT, certified to teach the AT in 1977. Although her primary teachers were Frank Ottiwell and Giora Pinkas, she had the opportunity to do post-graduate work with Marjorie Barstow, Patrick Macdonald and Walter and Dilys Carrington. She is a founder of and current faculty member of the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles. In partnership with Kathy Miranda, Sydney has been exploring using play to enhance the understanding of the AT principles since 2013.
Jane Heirich
After retiring from 32 years of teaching at the University of Mchigan’s Residential College, Jane opened her AmSAT teacher-training course, Alexander Technique Ann Arbor. In 2005 her book, Voice and the Alexander Technique, was published by Mornum Time Press, and it has since traveled all over the world bringing students from far (Japan, China) and near. She continues to teach private lessons to a wide range of students, including several singer-songwriters and amateur actors, all of whom are seeking both voice and Alexander work. Memorizing Bach Preludes and Fugues at her recently restored 1894 Steinway piano fills some idle moments.
Lauren Hill
Lauren trained with Joan and Alex Murray in Urbana, IL and has been teaching in St. Paul, MN since 2003. She served on the AmSAT Board of Directors from 2008-12 and is currently a member of the Leadership Advisory Council. She is a member of the 2016 ACGM Programming Committee and is excited to welcome AmSAT members to the frozen north! She loves to start her day with a walk in the morning.
Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson, M.AmSAT is a Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique as well as a practicing artist who holds a BFA in painting. For the last twenty years she has utilized Alexander’s principles in the creative process, facilitating clearer, freer, and more dynamic personal expression for herself and countless students. Anne believes the Alexander Technique is at the heart of all we do. Anne currently teaches the Alexander Technique at the Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University. She has given workshops integrating creativity with the Alexander Technique in the M.F.A. Creative Writing program at Rosemont College, in the Art Department at Swarthmore College and to Women in Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. She has also been a guest teacher in teacher training programs in Japan, Ireland and the United States. Her private practice includes teaching individuals and groups, helping people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds.
Jennifer Kelly
Jennifer Tweel Kelly is a certified AmSAT Alexander teacher (ATTC-C 2014). She earned a BA in Dance (’96) from James Madison University and spent many years exploring performance with the Zen Monkey Project in Charlottesville,VA. In 2003, Jen opened The Hip Joint, a dance and yoga boutique, on the Historic Downtown Mall, and it continues to be a presence in the arts community. Her family owns a restaurant that her husband and business partner began in 2006 called Maya Restaurant. Jen currently teaches the Alexander Technique to the Charlottesville Ballet’s trainee dancers and has a private practice. She has always had a passion for dance, a love of the arts and a commitment to the study of movement. Jen is also influenced by her two children, who are a constant reminder of her deep desire to be present.
Niall Kelly

Niall Kelly’s career has been dedicated to helping organizations and people create options and change. He trained in the Alexander Technique Centre in Galway, Ireland, and is a certified teacher since 2004. Since qualifying he had taught at the University of Limerick’s Irish World Academy on a number of their BA and MA programmes in performance, and at the Irish Management Institute and Dublin City University, incorporating AT in his management of change teaching. He was a director of the 2015 Congress. Niall is passionately concerned about prompting the work and ensuring its long-term growth and success.

Ruth Kilroy
Ruth graduated in 1984 from the MacDonald School in London, and has been teaching in Boston – including postgraduate seminars – ever since. In 1993, Ruth opened the Alexander Teacher Training Center, which continues to run as a full-time training program. She has collaborated with Master Teacher Rivka Cohen for over 20 years, and has held master classes in Germany, Israel, Canada and Australia.
N. Brooke Lieb
N. BROOKE LIEB, Director of Teacher Certification (2008 – present), received her certification from ACAT in 1989, joined the faculty in 1992, and served as Associate Director of Training at ACAT from 2006 to 2008. Brooke has been Guest Faculty at Vivien and Neil Schapera’s Teacher Certification Program in Cincinnati; and at Nancy Romita’s ATMidAtlantic Teacher Training Apprenticeship. Brooke has presented at the AmSAT ACGM (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), at The 8th International Congress of the Alexander Technique, Lugano, Switzerland, 2008, and at the 10th International Congress of the Alexander Technique, Limerick, Ireland 2015. She has taught at C. W. Post College, St. Rose College, Kutztown University, Pace University, The Actors Institute, The National Theatre Conservatory at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Dennison University, and Wagner College; and has made presentations for the Hospital for Special Surgery, the Scoliosis Foundation, and the Arthritis Foundation; Mercy College and Touro College, Departments of Physical Therapy; and Northern Westchester Hospital. She trained under Judith Leibowitz, Deborah Caplan and Barbara Kent, and has done Post Graduate Studies with Barbara Kent, Vivien Schapera, Walter and Dilys Carrington, Glynn MacDonald, Ruth Murray, Elizabeth and Lucia Walker, Missy Vineyard, Tommy Thompson, Pedro de Alcantara and John Nicholls, among others. Brooke maintains a teaching practice in NYC, specializing in working with people dealing with pain, back injuries and scoliosis; and performing artists.
Frances Marsden

Frances trained as an Alexander teacher at the Constructive Teaching Center in London with Walter and Dilys Carrington and has been teaching for thirty five years. She completed two years postgraduate work at the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique, directed by Joan and Alex Murray. Prior to her Alexander training, Frances studied acting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow. 

She is a member of the faculty and Board of the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles. She has taught at University of Southern California and California State University at Los Angeles and currently teaches at Occidental College.  She also teaches for Shakespeare at the Huntington, the Claremont Clarinet Festival and Alexander Technique Workshops-International. She maintains a private practice in Pasadena, California.

Clare Maxwell
Clare Maxwell leads workshops in the Alexander Technique for performers, somatic practitioners, Alexander teachers, and therapists. The Technique became her root practice after she discovered it with Eva Karczag. Clare maintains a private practice in NYC and is inspired by the Dart Procedures, a form of developmental movement historically linked with the Alexander Technique. Clare is dedicated to helping her students leave injury and burnout behind and have long, sustainable careers doing what they love.
Jean McClelland
Jean received her B.A. from Vassar College, did graduate study at Boston University in opera and voice performance, and was certified by AmSAT and ACAT in 1991. She studied extensively at the Carl Stough Institute for Breathing Coordination, Psychosynthesis Institute of New York, and the Michael Chekhov Studio. As a performer, Jean appeared in the Broadway production of Camelot and has played leading roles in numerous musicals and operas. Jean has been a member of the faculty of the New York Open Center since 1986 and has given workshops at drama and music schools, universities, and holistic learning centers throughout the country. Her principal teachers are Rivka Cohen, John Nicholls, and Nelly Ben-Or.
Brian McCullough

Brian McCullough began studying the Alexander Technique during weekly lessons with Rose Bronec in Urbana, Illinois in 1991 and graduated from Alexander Technique Center of Urbana with Joan and Alex Murray in 1995. He has served on the faculty at the University of Minnesota for 17 years and McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul for 8 years. Additionally, he maintains a private teaching studio and is director of the Minnesota Center for the Alexander Technique, a teacher training course.

Brian has a Bachelors degree from the Western Michigan University and a certificate to teach the Alexander Technique approved by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). With the Murrays, Brian also learned how to teach the Dart Procedures, a unique form of self-exploration and human coordination study. The Murray’s developed these procedures with Raymond Dart, a renown paleontologist and medical school dean. 

As a church and orchestral musician, Brian enjoys performing. For several years he has was member of the Rochester (Minnesota) Orchestra. He started his career in symphony orchestra and nonprofit management and was the longest-serving Administrator at American Society for the Alexander Technique. Brian McCullough’s personal website is at www.MN-Alexander Technique.com

Kathryn Miranda
Kathryn M. Miranda is Director of Alexander Technique of Syracuse where her training course is currently on hiatus. An AmSAT teaching member since 1990, she has enjoyed the camaraderie and professional associations of AmSAT while volunteering for AmSAT in various ‘serious’ roles. She served as Chair of AmSAT from 2011-2013. She trained at ACAT with a faculty that included Judy Liebowitz, Debby Caplan and Barbara Kent. She documented the legacy of Judy Leibowitz’s teaching by organizing and editing a variety of transcripts and notes from Judy’s teaching. The book Dare To Be Wrong is the fruit of this project.
David Moore
David Moore is the director of the School for F.M. Alexander Studies, an AUSTAT approved training course in Melbourne which he established in 1998. In 1993 he gained government accreditation for a competency-based Advanced Diploma of Alexander Technique Teaching. He is a committee member of AUSTAT and is past chair of that society. Prior to commencing his Alexander technique training he practiced yoga for many years, including three years at the Krishnamahcarya Yoga Mandaram in Madras. He is the author of “Yoga and the Alexander Technique: Intelligent Injury-Free Yoga and runs workshops and courses in Australia and internationally on applying the Alexander Technique to yoga practice.
Elinore Morin

Elinore Morin has been an internationally certified teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1986. She trained in England with Patrick Macdonald, who was a student of Frederick Matthias Alexander, the creator of this educational method for improving mobility, posture, performance, alertness, and relief of chronic stiffness, tension, and stress.

Elinore is also an internationally accredited Senior teaching member of both the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in London and the American Society for the Alexander Technique, as well as currently serving on the latter’s Board of Directors.

Elinore maintains a lively private teaching practice in East Lansing, Michigan, working with people from all walks of life to enhance their well-being. She is a faculty member of the Michigan State University (MSU) College of Music’s Wellness Team and is a frequent guest lecturer on the Alexander Technique throughout the United States. Elinore gives frequent lecture-demonstrations and workshops and most recently presented, as a member of the MSU Musician’s Wellness Team, at the national convention of the American String Teacher’s Association in Salt Lake City, Spring 2015. Also last spring, she taught an eight week introductory course in the Alexander Technique at Michigan State University’s College of Music. In addition, during her 2003-2004 sabbatical year in France, she was invited to teach a weekend intensive to The French Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Paris on “How to teach the AT to musicians.”

In addition to her Alexander Technique teaching credentials, Elinore holds the BA degree in Philosophy and Viola from Oberlin (Ohio) College and Conservatory, as well as an MM degree in Viola Performance from Michigan State University. A professional orchestral violist and accomplished vocalist, Elinore applies particular insight into teaching the Alexander Technique to musicians. 
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol
Rebecca Nettl-Fiol is a Professor of Dance at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She trained with Joan and Alex Murray, certifying in 1990, and is an assistant on their training course, providing opportunities for trainees to work with her Alexander Technique for Dancers course. She is a frequent presenter and guest teacher throughout the U.S. and abroad, and is the recipient of the University of Illinois Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. She is the co-author of Dance and the Alexander Technique: Exploring the Missing Link, and The Body Eclectic: Evolving Practices in Dance Training.
Alice Olsher
Alice grew up in California, trained in acting in London and to teach Alexander with Walter and Dilys Carrington. After qualification, Alice taught for 15 years with the Carringtons . In California, she is running a training course and doing post grad work for teachers and is a visiting teacher in London . She enjoys the stillness the work gives her and her students, whether they be musicians, children, teens, engineers or trainees. The work is very useful too in parenting her two teens .
Giora Pinkas
After completing his training in 1967, Giora worked in London, Freiburg, Tel Aviv and San Francisco, where in 1974, he co-established a Training Course. When last checked, he was still at it..,presently across the Bay - in Berkeley.
Phyllis Richmond
Phyllis Richmond teaches in Evanston, IL and Dallas, TX. She has studied Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan since 1998 in Texas, Illinois, France, and Taiwan and is certified to teach by the Yang Style Martial Arts Association headquartered in Taiwan. Phyllis qualified as an Alexander Technique teacher at the Brighton Alexander Training Center in 1991. She is the Editor of AmSAT Journal.
Robert Rickover
Robert Rickover graduated in 1981 from the School of Alexander Studies in London where he later served on the faculty. He studied for over fifteen years with master Alexander teacher Marjorie Barstow and frequently assisted her with group teaching.
Frances Robertson
The photograph is of my mother, Harriet Robertson and myself; looking at how one climbs stairs with a cane in one hand the railing in the other. At present I teach at the State University of NY-Broome Community College in the theatre department, (BFA, '74, Boston University, School of Fine and Applied Arts). Working with actors is a particular joy of mine, because of their playful nature. The more I give myself permission to be playful, the more I am able to be "with" my students and we actually learn something together. It is such a relief to not have to know "all" the answers because I don't and never will. I am looking forward to playing with my good friend and colleague Kathy Miranda, who is a major Player in her own right. Let the games begin!! As they say in New Orleans, "Laisez les bontemps roulez" (let the good times roll). AmSAT service: I am currently serving as Chair of the Membership Committee and member of the ATAS Secretariat. Board member 2002-2011, AmSAT Chair 2007-2009, ATAS Rep 2010-2014Board Chair, board member and ATAS Rep.
Ann Rodiger
Ann Rodiger is the founder and director of the Balance Arts Center and the Balance Arts Center Teacher Training Course. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique and movement for over 30 years in academic and private settings. She is skilled in Labanotation, Laban Movement Analysis, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Yoga, meditation, and various dance techniques. She maintains private practices in New York City, Berlin and Antwerp, Belgium. She is the creator and producer of the Freedom to Move, Freedom to Play and co-creator of the Freedom to Act conferences. She has published a book, How To Sit: Your Body at Work.
Ruth Rootberg

Ruth Rootberg, author of Living the Alexander Technique (2015) trained with Missy Vineyard (2003). She has taught at colleges around the country, presented at AGMs and other conferences, and has a private practice in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Lauren Schiff
Born in Washington, D.C. Private teaching in New York City and Aspen, Colo. Presentations for the American Society for the Alexander Technique annual meetings; invited guest speaker International Congress for the Alexander Technique, 2011. Faculty Aspen Music Festival and School, since 1993; current member of its board of directors. Internationale Meistersinger Akademie since 2012. Master classes/guest artist faculty for New World Symphony, ACJW, U.S. Army Soldier's Chorus, San Diego Symphony, Metropolitan opera Lindemann Young Artists Ddevelopment Program, Anna Deavere Smith Projects, and Theater Aspen. Chairman AmSAT AGM 2012 Degrees and Studies B.M., trumpet performance, Northwestern U.; M.M., trumpet performance, Manhattan School of Music. Certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), and American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). Graduate studies, Constructive Teaching Centre, London, with Walter and Dilys Carrington.
Renee Schneider
Renee Schneider is an Alexander Teacher in Normal, llinois. She brings experience in other alternative modalities to her teaching, such as Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Therapy, Thai reflexology, trigger point therapy, reiki and others. Her philosophy as a Buddhist is to explore the mind-body universe to help those with chronic pain improve their lives and live more comfortably. She also owns several businesses including a Thai language school for expatriates in Bangkok and the Coquí Baby cloth diaper company. She graduated from Joan and Alex Murray’s training course, Alexander Technique Center Urbana, in 2012 and has a Bachelors degree in British Literature from UCLA and a MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird University.
Joyce Stenstrom
I was a student and friend of Carol McCullough. Prior to meeting Carol, I had received my Masters degree in Human Factors at Virginia Tech and was practicing as an Ergonomist. For the past several years, I have continued my work in Ergonomics and have added a focus on personality and organizational design.
Judith Stern
Judy has 30+ years teaching experience and is senior faculty at ACAT. She has been a Congress Director (2008), a Congress presenter (2011 & 2015), a Board member ACAT and AmSAT ... Judy specializes in working with AT and Pain issues. She has a background as a PT(1968). She enjoys teaching trainees and mentoring teachers. Her major influences are Judy Liebowitz, Deborah Caplan, Barbara Kent and Elisabeth Walker and Walter Carrington.
Erin Thompson
Erin Thompson began her dance career with the Minnesota Dance Theatre and continued in New York City in the companies of Nina Wiener and Bebe Miller from 1980-1989. She received a New York Dance and Performance award, “BESSIE”, in 1986. Since 1990, Erin has been on the faculty of the University of Minnesota's Department of Theater Arts and Dance as well as at Zenon Dance Company, where she continues to provide advanced professional modern dance training for the Twin City's dance community. Erin was voted City Pages Best Dancer 2016. She is also an ATI certified Alexander Technique teacher, having trained at the Alexander Alliance in Philadelphia. Erin received a Minnesota Sage Award for Outstanding Dance Educator in 2008.
Tom Vasiliades

Tom Vasiliades is the training director of TCAT-NYC. Since taking his first Alexander lesson over 30 years ago, he has studied and experienced the Alexander work with over 150 teachers. Tom’s main influences are John Nicholls, Walter Carrington and Dilys Carrington. He has studied with John Nicholls for over twenty years and for nine years was a faculty member on training programs directed by John. Tom did intensive post-graduate study with the Carringtons yearly from 1995-2000. He has been teaching since 1994 in university settings, medical offices, health clubs and in private practice. He teaches at The Juilliard School and has been on the faculty of The New School for Drama and NYU undergraduate drama.

Nanette Walsh
Nanette is founder of The Riverside Initiative for the Alexander Technique (RIAT) and currently director of its teacher training program in NYC. She co-founded Alexander Technique New York City (ATNYC) in 2006 and was co-director until 2014. Nanette received her teacher certification from ACAT in 1995; post-graduate study with Walter Carrington and Peggy Williams. She has taught at ACAT on the Resident Associate Faculty; at Alexander Technique Workshops in Sweet Briar, Virginia; and at the School of Visual Arts. Nanette holds a Masters in Fine Art from Syracuse University, and is currently doing graduate work in Psychiatry and Religion at Union Theological Seminary.