2015 ACETech East - Americas Claims Event

Connecting Claims and Technology

In an increasingly inter-connected world that demands utmost efficiency at all times, it is paramount for successful organizations in the insurance industry to keep up with and capitalize on technological advances across the globe. This is especially evident within claims management, where being a modern claims leader is more complex and challenging than ever before.

We are challenged with constantly upgrading and improving claims processes, with limited financial and talent resources and significant regulatory and compliance requirements. We must adequately align technical expertise, forward-thinking business processes, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

At ACETech, we will delve deep into the overarching trends in claims management and discuss how technology, innovation, and data are being used to tackle the issues that keep you up at night.

  • Making the Most of Big Data and Analytics
  • Effective Project Management to Utilize Advances in Tech
  • Cutting-edge Technologies for Fighting Fraud
  • New and Improved Methods for Better Handling Catastrophes
  • Bringing Claims Management to the Cloud
  • Best Practices for World-Class Customer Service in the Digital Age
  • Optimizing Case Management and Claims Systems

  • C-level and VP level claims executives
  • Insurance project managers
  • Claims managers and directors
  • Claims Analysts
  • Head of Data/Analytics
  • Head of IT/Software