Premier 100 2012
Sponsorship Opportunities
For more than 40 years Computerworld has been a trusted source of vital information to all key stakeholders in the IT purchase process. Our unique, peer based approach to content focuses on practical applications of transformational technologies in enterprise environments, aligning perfectly with today’s collaborative IT decision making process.
The Premier 100, Computerworld’s flagship event, brings our award winning content approach to life – attracting one of the largest gatherings of CIOs and executive IT management in the industry! Attendees come to network with their peers, to receive education on pressing issues, and to engage with industry leading vendors representing enterprise IT solutions.
The structure of this unique event is designed specifically to allow sponsors to gain insight into the Premier 100 honorees’ goals and strategies as well as a deeper dive into the nuts and bolts of the projects they implemented. Ample networking time gives sponsors the chance to engage influential IT decision-makers, to connect with them on a personal level, allowing them to understand their organizational goals and challenges and to discuss solutions for their needs. At the conclusion of the conference, honorees, attendees and sponsors walk away more knowledgeable and better prepared to execute on their strategies.
Who Comes to Premier 100?
The conference delivers high quality content for senior-level decision makers in IT. 
Check out a few stats from last year's audience.

Average Annual Revenue........ $3 billion
Average IT budget.................. $125 million
Average Company Size.......... 6,891
C-level, VP, or Director Titles... 83%
Sponsorships are designed specifically to give your company both brand visibility as well as the opportunity to meet and network with the numerous IT Leaders at this prestigious event. Vendor participation is available only to sponsoring companies, so as a sponsor, you're assured that you are among an elite group of highly visible sponsor representatives on site.
To find out more about sponsoring Computerworld's Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference, contact John Amato, VP & Publisher, at 508.850.8279.

"I attend Premier 100 because it allows me to talk to other CIOs with similar challenges. For a CIO of a big company, the panels bring up things that are interesting to talk about and they also spark conversations on issues and how they will impact us."

—Scott Griffin, CIO, The Boeing Company